Engineers develop program to predict Pokemon Go server crashes

Thanks to a website developed by engineering fans of Pokemon Go, now the most-downloaded phone game of all time, users may now have the ability to accurately determine when the servers are most likely to be down. With the use of a specially designed dashboard, users can be given a warning for when the servers… Read More »

Hackers from Russia Steal Secrets from Democrats

Hackers who were hired by the government of Russia have successfully penetrated the cyber security of the Democratic National Committee. The information that the hackers gained access to was a significant amount of research on Donald Trump. The information was going to be used in an attempt to discredit and defeat the Republican nominee. Information… Read More »

Car Company Wants Hackers to Find Their Tech Bugs

The umbrella company for Fiat, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, and Ram is looking for tech savvy people to find vehicle cybersecurity system vulnerabilities. FCA US, the umbrella company put up a type of bounty program on Bugcrowd, which is an online community of cybersecurity enthusiasts. The company issued a challenge that would pay between 150-1500 dollars… Read More »

The Democrats Got Hacked, And We Should All Take Note

Recently, it was discovered that Russian hackers hacked into computers at the Democratic National Committee to obtain research they had on Donald Trump. Wow. You read that right, everyone. Let me first say that whatever opinion I (or probably most of you) may have of Donald Trump or Vladimir Putin, it would be pretty conspiratorial… Read More »

Showdown Between EU Telecoms and Regulators

In an interesting turn of events for EU telecom negotiations, European telecommunication companies are now telling the European Commission that they are willing to ramp up their 5G efforts in exchange for weaker regulations on net neutrality. Specifically, a group of telecom operators have delivered a pledge to the commission detailing their plans to provide… Read More »

1,000 Wendy’s Got Hacked, But Don’t Freak Out

This week, Wendy’s announced that it had been the victim of a large-scale cyber attack that hacked its networks and left it vulnerable to attack. More than one thousand of its restaurants were hacked into through malicious malware encoded in each Wendy’s at point of sale. Debit card information continues to be the likely target… Read More »

Oculus CEO’s Social Media Got Hacked, But Chill Out For Now

You may not have heard, but the CEO of Oculus, a Facebook-owned company currently developing cutting-edge technology in the virtual reality field, had his social media hacked recently. This continues a trend in recent weeks, but it’s not just the rich and powerful having their social media accounts compromised by hackers. Thousands of social media… Read More »

The Woes of Wearable Technology

Wearable technology may be way the future, but as it currently stands, it has a long way to go. According to a techcrunch article, if someone were to hack into your wearable device, they would have a good chance of accessing all of the pins and passwords that you typed in while wearing the device.… Read More »

Snapchat Scandal

Unless you’ve been willfully ignoring all forms of social media and digital communication among the new generation, you have most likely heard someone talk about Snapchat, if you haven’t been using it yourself. This quick-pic way to send a selfie to your friends and see the “stories” they post about their lives has become an… Read More »

The Latest Hack Attack…On New Businesses?

Hackers recently drained an investment fund meant to support start-ups of nearly 41 million pounds ($60 million). This theft took place in a virtual market supported by Ether, a virtual currency bought with real currency. People aren’t as interested in hacking as a crime because they often think it doesn’t have any victims; that financial… Read More »