Court Makes Surprise Ruling About IP Address Privacy

The pirating of copyrighted materials has been going on since the internet first gained popularity. File sharing sites have long-since been targeted by law enforcement for their activities. Legal issues surrounding file downloads have taken some interesting twists and turns. Most recently, the Eastern Virginia District Court issued a decisions against BMG Right Management. BMG… Read More »

Stephen Murray Became Out Best Advocate For Investment

We brought our business trust plan to Stephen Murray at CCMP Capital, and he talked to us about how he was working on a new kind of mutual fund that we might be interested. He was near the end of his career, and we knew that he was not feeling well. He took us in,… Read More »

George Soros Vows to Invest in Refugee Businesses

George Soros is well known for being one of the most successful financial minds over the past 100 years. Soros has been the head of Soros Funds, a group of hedge funds that have a range of investment strategies, for the past 50 years. In his role as the top manager and spokesperson for the… Read More »

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa: Things To Love About Panama

There are many amazing things to see and do in the country of Panama. Many people don’t know about the various cultural aspects of the country, and even fewer still know anything about its diverse history on For one thing, Panama has an incredible range of diversity when it comes to naturally occurring animal… Read More »

No, There Is No George Soros Plan To Take Down America

George Soros is perhaps the most misunderstood political figure in modern American politics on NY In fact, George Soros is not even a political figure per se. He is a businessman; a really good businessman. He’s been dragged into the political limelight due to his immense amount of wealth how he chooses to donate… Read More »

Stephen Murray Successfully Made It To The Top

Stephen Murray unfortunately passed away in 2015, but during his time in the industry, he was considered one of the top individuals in the field of private investments. He was also the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder for the largely successful CCMP Capital. His level of expertise and his character has had him labeled as… Read More »

Shea Butter in it’s Purest Form

We all have heard about shea butter being used in all types of beauty products. Nevertheless, have you ever asked yourself what it actually is? Well, now you don’t have to. Shea butter is fat that is extracted from the nut of a shea tree. While that’s good to know, it still doesn’t tell you… Read More »

Securus Is Set To End The Use Of Paper Forms In Correctional Facilities

I was delighted by the recent news that Securus Technologies had launched an automated inmate forms and grievance application services. The service, which will be provided through the company’s ConnectUs platform, will be aimed at eliminating paper use. This move will save up to 65% of the time that corrections staff spend on giving out… Read More »

What Is Wealth?

A lot of people confuse money and wealth. According to the eminent economist, Henry Hazlitt, this error is often practiced by professionals as well as laypeople. It is easy because we like to quantify what we have. The mistake that money is wealth can be easily corrected with the following example. Imagine two people. One… Read More »