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When you hear the name Bob Reina for the first time, you may wonder who in the world is Bob Reina and what makes everything he does so impressive? Mr. Reina is the CEO and Founder of a video marketing company called Talk Fusion. The very first product that Talk Fusion launched was video email back in 2007. This happened when Bob wanted to send a video through email and was told by the technology department of his internet service that it simply could not be done. To be honest, they didn’t have the ability. Bob set out to find a way and he did. These results today are what has helped to create the Talk Fusion products and company.


Talk Fusion is a company that is fueled by Bob’s leadership skills and perhaps that is why global success is within reach. Mix Bob’s many years with direct marketing and selling with his charitable nature and strength in community and you have a well rounded individual who know to reach for the stars and inspire others to do the same. Many people don’t know that Bob worked as a law enforcement officer for 10 years of his life. However, he felt like he was not reaching his true potential of helping others and wanted to take more control of his own life. As a result, he was able to find direct sales and build a better team which helped more people.


Just like others, Bob’s success with MLM was limited by the company structure and he took those lessons into account when he created Talk Fusion. With Talk Fusion it is easy to benefit from the teams that are created. This simply means that one person’s success is often dependent on the success of helping others achieve success. So, it is people helping people.


One marketing tool that Bob suggests that everyone uses is video. People love to watch video and it is easy for everyone to relate to. You can use it to create a brand, build personality and relationships. Talk Fusion uses video marketing, video newsletters and video chat to keep in touch and engage their customers and prospects. Perhaps the most awesome thing about the Talk Fusion system is, it’s easy to use and it works for all business types.

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As the President of OSI Group, David McDonald has played an integral role in their expansion and global success. He is known for his powerful determination and the importance that he places on the customer’s needs. The OSI Group goes above and beyond in order to be able to deliver the best products and services to their clients and customers. They are a privately owned company and this allows them to make more careful decisions. David McDonald has used this to be able to create relationships with people in the food industry. He has an extensive network that spans many countries.

David McDonald hopes to see the OSI Group grow even more over the coming years. They are dedicated to improving their products while also expanding the number of facilities that are able to produce them. David McDonald uses innovative business plans which allow them to be creative in their decision making. It also makes it easier for them to adjust to problems as they arise because their plan allows for flexibility. David McDonald has been working with the OSI Group for over 30 years, but it all started when he attended Iowa State University. He earned an Animal Science degree while there and that is what propelled him into the meat processing industry. David McDonald also works with the North American Meat Institute and was given the honor of serving as their Chairman. He is also with the Marfrig Global Foods group and works there as an Independent Director.

David McDonald is very excited about the OSI Group’s acquisition of Baho Food. This company is very successful on a global level and provides service to over 15 nations in Europe. David McDonald believes that this will strength OSI’s ability to provide their international customers with high-quality services and products that they will enjoy. OSI and Baho Food will work together to draw in their foreign customers and bring them products that will succeed in different cultures. Baho Foods has been serving these international clients for 60 years so David McDonald is certain this will lead to further expansion for OSI group.

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Imran Haque has been a practicing internist in North Carolina, in Asheboro. Having worked at several hospitals in the area now for 20 years. Representing those locations, his practice is well regarded for his specialty. Here are some more facts about Dr.Imran Haque.


He began at the Universidad of Lberoameria, where he studied and received his Medical License. He has always accepted a wide variety of health insurances for care at his practice. This attitude of open acceptance and high quality of care is what makes any doctor a good one. Working at all of the local hospitals in an area makes him or her even better. Dr.Imran Haque does all of the above.


He has always had a heart for care. This led him to become a doctor. The desire to help people when they are in their largest moment of distress is what makes him a great internist. Years of experience doesn’t hurt either. He has that as well. In fact, the 20 years of experience is just the beginning for him. He has years to go of being able to care for people that come to him as patients and help them get better if they need an internist.


His approach is two-fold. Number one, he has the professional skills to be able to handle the patient’s health issues and find a solution that is the best option for the person. Second, he uses that bedside care that makes everyone feel wonderful to be cared for in his practice. Those are really the things that make any practice unique. Each patient has their own desires and preferences. Dr.Imran Haque caters to this is the best manner possible. The ability to cater to them in this manner makes his special care what makes him the great physician for the last 20 years.

Doctor Imran Haque, Top physician in North Carolina

Investment management is described as the professional asset management of securities such as bonds and shares so as to meet specific investment goals for the investors benefit. Investors can be institutions such as corporations, charities, insurance companies, educational establishments and many others. The term “asset management” is mostly used in referring to investment management of the collective investments. A Fund Manager may either be a firm that offers investment management services or a person who directs decisions on fund management.

There are many different investment management facets that include settlement, marketing, dealing, assets research, professional fund managers’ employment, internal auditing as well as report preparing for clients. A highly competitive industry, investment management has been chosen by many organizations and people in order for them to get good profits. Big financial fund managers and investors are the biggest beneficiaries of this industry. Investment managers are described as people who provide investors with investment management services. Choosing the right investment manager is an important step for all investors especially those who are new to the industry.

Mathew Autterson is an investment manager who is known for his skills and experience in investment management. Mathew Autterson works at the Win Wealth Management where he is the principal. He offers advice to investors about aligning their investment strategies in order to acquire their financial goals in the long run. Mathew Autterson also helps his clients in indentifying any potential risks in their portfolios in order to maximize profits. With an excellent educational background, Mathew Autterson has assisted many investors from all over the world in achieving good investment returns. He attributes his success as an investment manager to passion, hard work and discipline. Mathew also offers his time and resources in training young and upcoming investment advisors in order to excel in the investment management industry.


***UPDATE*** July 21st, 2017– White Shark Media has just been reviewed on GRE Report. Learn more about ROI on advertisements by clicking this link.

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White Shark Media is a premier provider of digital marketing services with key focus on Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Management, Web Development and Mobile Marketing.

The company also offers Landing Page Optimization and Conversion Optimization. Launched in 2010, White Shark Media has an employee base of 144 employees who work on fulltime basis, cites a Top SEOs article. The recap further states that the company earns revenue of between $3 million and $5 million.

Some of the major clients that work with White Shark Media include Platinum Pro Painters based in Canada and iMarine Inc. The company maintains more than 600 active clients with a retention rate of 8-10%.  Read more: White Shark Media Reviews | Glassdoor

Case studies
Many companies that have ordered the services of White Shark Media have gone back with feedback about their experience. Most of them have expressed their satisfaction with the way services are configured and most importantly the benefits the campaigns earned them. As shown on the testimonials section of the company, clients appreciate the drastic improvement their campaigns earned within a short period.

A junk removal company from Kansas notes that since they launched a campaign with White Shark Media they have earned twice as much and are in the process of expanding business to address the huge market created.

Accreditations and certifications

White Shark Media is a search company that can be trusted for their awesome advertising services. The company has worked to create good client relationships that have earned them trust. This has increased their clientele and has allowed them to embrace an upward growth.

This dedication has led to the accreditation of the company by Google as an AdWords SMB Premier partner, a privilege only offered to the best performing digital marketing companies in the market. At company level, White Shark Media is certified and all the employees tasked with working on PPC accounts are expected to take annual tests and pass. This made them pass the stringent criterion that is applied by Google when choosing an SMB Partner.

Additionally, White Shark Media is a Bing Ads Authorized Reseller. This allows the company to become part of the reseller program that is offered by Microsoft to leading companies in digital marketing.

The dedication and performance White Shark Media has recorded over time has been a great indicator that has earned the company deals with established firms, thereby further cementing their reputation.


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Although corporate America has made substantial progress, it still continues to lag in numerous areas. To expound further, it oftentimes lacks the ability to accommodate minority groups and women. In spite of such challenges, women such as Susan McGalla continue to open doors for others. For those unaware, Susan McGalla remains a prominent figure in corporate America. Moreover, she remains an executive consultant that lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Furthermore, she remains renowned for her work at American Eagle Outfitters. While there, Susan McGalla served as the company’s president. In addition, she also served as the CEO of Wet Seal. Statistically speaking, companies that welcome gender diversity possess a higher success rate.

To expound further, they tend to outperform their competition. To remain exact, these companies remain 15% more likely to do such things. In addition, ethnically diverse companies remain 35% more likely to outperform their competition. Moreover, diversity in the workplace remains a primary focus in corporate America. In spite of such challenges, only a small percentage of women hold positions at S&P 500 companies. Therefore, Susan McGalla’s story remains noteworthy. Currently, Susan McGalla works for the board of HFF Inc. For those unaware, the company remains a publicly traded company that provides commercial real estate goods and service. Moreover, she has also served as a former trustee at the University of Pittsburgh.


Initially, McGalla began her career at the Joseph Horne Company. While there, she held various positions from 1986 until 1994. Later on, in 1994, McGalla worked for American Eagle Outfitters. Initially, she started her career as a divisional merchandise buyer for women’s clothing. Moreover, she served various managerial roles at the company prior to becoming its president. During her stint as the company’s president, she managed the launch of the company’s plentiful brand for kids. Moreover, McGalla hails from a modest family. She remains the native of East Liverpool, Ohio. Moreover, her father remained a football coach of the local football team. As a student at Mount Union College, she received a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing. For those unaware, she remains married to Steven McGalla.

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Cotemar is a logistics and support services provider to the oil and gas rigs offshore. It is a hundred percent Mexican company that recruits over 8,000 employees and is known to be one of the best companies to work in Mexico. Petroleos Mexicanos is the biggest client of Cotemar to whom it has been providing its services for many years. Read more: Cotemar | LinkedIn

Cotemar is known to offer a broad range of services to the oil fields in the sea, such as transportation and logistics services, engineering and maintenance services, catering and accommodation services, specialized maritime vessels, and more.

Cotemar also helps during the emergencies and has towing vessels and firefighting vessels. The highly skilled employees of Cotemar in each department, whether it is logistics, maritime transportation, maintenance, construction, or engineering, ensures that the clients’ oil fields receive only the best and the most reliable services.

The maintenance and logistics services of Cotemar are beneficial in ensuring that the oil fields continue to do their job without any hindrance or worries. Any and all kinds of ancillary jobs are taken care of by Cotemar.

As the oil and gas drilling industry evolves and becomes more challenging and competitive with time, Cotemar continues to make the necessary changes in its processes to provide efficient and reliable services that makes a positive impact.

The company believes in the power of technology and integrates the modern technology available in the industry in each of its specialized services department. It has helped Cotemar to offer services that save time and make the services more reliable and economical.

Its primary client, PEMEX is highly satisfied with the services the company provides. PEMEX has been able to expand its operations and increase its efficiency and output with the help of ancillary services Cotemar provides. Learn more about Cotemar:

One of the reasons why Cotemar is a preferred choice for availing ancillary and logistics services in the oil and gas industry is because of the highly skilled employees it has. The company does not rely on third-party recruiting services for its staffing needs but has its in-house human resource department that continues to source talent in the industry.

Cotemar believes the future, as well as the performance of the company, lies with its employees. The company also has a thriving corporate social responsibility program that encourages the employees to engage in many different community welfare programs. It helps Cotemar to give back to the society and help it grow.

The CBE deadline for the annual declaration on capitals ended on 5th April. It is however important for individuals to be knowledgeable about the quarterly statements that have been covered over the financial year. This is primarily because CBB also known as the Central Bank of Brazil has non-deliveries on the set dates. There are other deliveries with errors or as well as vices or incomplete data in addition to false information. These issues may imply heavy fines of approximately R $ 250,000. This is according to Ricardo Tosto, a founding partner at Tosto Firm.


For there not to be any risk involved in the banking system, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the processes involved in issuing statements at the Brazilian Capitals Abroad. Ricardo Tosto also explained that the declarations must be posted online under the declaration statute of CBE. This form is found on the Central of Brazil website. The forms exist in two types namely:

Annual CBE

  • Quarterly CBE

The Annual CBE from is compulsory for people with residential entities within Brazil likeequity participation found in companies, shares, real estate as well as deposits. This also includes individuals with foreign assets, fixed income securities, real estate as well as shares among others. The total cost of these transactions usually adds up to 100,000 dollars in every financial year.


According to Ricardo Tosto, the dates for CBEs Quarterly are June 30th as well as March 31st and September 30 annually. There is no set a date for the fourth CBE statement of the year.

Tosto’s Profile

Ricardo Tosto is an expert in civil law, banking law, commercial law, political, business, debt as well as credit restructuring. Tosto is a partner as well as founder at Leite, Tosto e Barros. Tosto specializes in areas of banking contracts, acquisition review as well as business restructuring and administration. Tosto has worked as a legal adviser in human resource management, civil law as well as commercial law. Ricardo Tosto attained a degree in law from the Mackenzie School. He advanced his studies by acquiring a course in business administration. Tosto is a prominent lawyer who continues to pave the way for himself in the law industry.

Greg Seckerdeveloped a keen interest in financial trading during his time at Thomas Cook Financial Services, where he got to spend a lot of time around expert financial traders and learn from them. He helped develop the program that the first online forex trading platform was built on. It was while he was at this that he realized how much he could make from forex trading and decided to give it a try. His first investment was £5,000 and he was able to make a profit of £55,000 in less than a year. Over the years, he has learnt a lot more about trading in currencies and is now an expert at it.

Greg started the Greg Secker Foundation to empower the youth to take the future into their own hands and try and make the best out of their lives. The foundation uses a holistic approach and focuses on all aspects of life, from relationships to wealth, health, entrepreneurship, and leadership. Secker plans to launch a new program in the Philippines towards the end of 2017 to empower the youth there and help them achieve financial independence.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker is a successful entrepreneur with 17 companies to his name. Among these are SmartCharts Software, FX Capital, Capital Index, and Learn to Trade. Greg uses his experience and expertise to teach people how to trade in currencies. He stresses the importance of having a trading strategy and adhering to it, and not taking on more risk than one can afford.Greg has received several awards over the course of his career, including the 1998 British Telecom Award. This was in recognition of his great effort in creating the first online trading platform. He has also written a number of books on financial freedom.


Greg Secker has always been optimistic about business and life in general. He believes that if one has the will to do something, they will find a way to make it happen. He also stresses the importance of discipline in any business endeavor. This is how he has managed to achieve so much. Many are looking forward to the launch of the Philippines program as it will be of great help to the Filipino youth.

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Edward Honig wrote a great piece on healthcare when you’re traveling. Perfect read for anybody about to take a summer trip, or that’s just curious about the protocol of traveling abroad with a health problem. The hospital scene isn’t always the same everywhere around the world, so it’s important to know what to do in an emergency, wherever you may be. Otherwise, that vacation could end up being permanent.

Cardiologists are doctors who focus on diagnosing and curing heart and blood vessel issues. Some of the most common problems they tend to are that of arrhythmia, heart disease, and LVADs. When choosing a cardiologist it’s important that you take the situation seriously and use this simple guide to help you get the best possible treatment starting with your choice of cardiologist. The most important thing is remembering to get a head start on doing your own personal research. Make sure to check the hospital quality, the board certifications of your potential cardiologist as well as which university they attended, and make certain that you check with the doctor to understand the way they communicate so that you’ll know if they fit your way of learning. Another great way to help you decide which cardiologist you want to work with is through researching their patient care surveys so you can hear from the doctor’s actual patients.

Edward Honig is a Cardiologist for the Glen Cove Hospital Dept of Medicine in the city of Glen Cove in New York. At the ripe and wise age of 89 years old, Edward Honig has earned tremendous amounts of experience which can not be matched simply by a degree in the same field as his own. He has dedicated his life to the exciting world of medicine and health in the honorable pursuit of saving lives through treating the heart and blood vessels of the human body. Edward Honig is a devoted Cardiologist who has helped countless people through out his career. Working out of New York for much of his life, Edward Honig enjoys life as a medical professional and takes his job in stride with the humility and graciousness that one would hope to surround themselves with while they are being both diagnosed and treated for the potential heart and blood vessel diseases and problems which they may be going to have to face within their future. Becoming an inspiration in his field, Honig has put his entire body and soul into the act of literally saving the hearts of his community.

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