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When it comes to using the internet, it is common to use it the most during the holiday season. Whether you are looking items up online that you’d like to purchase or you’re looking to place orders, it’s imperative that you keep yourself as safe as possible on the internet. This is crucial when you are going to be using your credit card on the internet and know that you need to keep it as safe as you can. This is because a lot of hackers will try to get your items and use them against you, especially when it concerns your credit card information.

The best way for you to keep safe on the internet is to only use sites that are secure, safe, trusted and locked. You can do a bit of research online according to the type of site that you’re using, and this can be beneficial because you will not place an order with a site that has a bad reputation. There are tons of review sites on the internet which will allow you to feel confident in where you’re placing the order. This is why it is so important that you look for a better site to buy from during the holiday season.

Now that you know the best way to buy these types of items and how to keep yourself safe each and every time you place an order, you’ll want to consider doing all of your shopping using a credit card that can be blocked if there is a problem. This is a more major issue if you are doing tons of shopping and are afraid that your information could be stolen and used against you at all times. There are lots of people using this type of information to keep themselves safe.

Various data breaches have been in the news recently. Specifically, there was a major data breach at Equifax, which may have affected one hundred and forty-three million Americans. Target also dealt with a data breach of their own. Other chains and ecommerce stores have faced various data breaches. To combat this, many are turning to blockchain technology, according to Forbes. This is a system where information is stored in blocks and secured with cryptography.


Forbes provides some additional tips ecommerce stores can use to improve their security. First, you need to be able to ensure that your customers can trust you. There is nothing more important these days than protecting your customers’ personal information. You need to make sure that measures are put into place that will ward off hackers, protect your data, and prevent it from getting stolen. It is also important to train your employees on how to keep your company safe. You need to educate them on what to do and what not to do. For example, they need to know how to protect themselves when using your website’s email account.


Second, you need to focus on security and encryption. It does not matter how many antivirus measures you have put into place if your data is not protected by encryption or some other method. That is why blockchain technology is so popular. It does not have a centralized platform where data is stored, so there is no single point where hackers can get into.


Finally, you have to focus on accessibility, meaning who can access your data. Only let employees you trust to access your data. Blockchain technology systems make it easy for you to authorize only certain people to view and access your data. By preventing unauthorized people from accessing it, you minimize the risk of hacking.


The new iPhone is coming out, and it is important that you protect yourself by avoiding any free iPhone scams, which are now all over the internet on sites such as Facebook. For example, there are many Facebook groups where users post offers for free iPhones. To get the free iPhone, you need to enter your name and email address somewhere, complete a task, enter your personal information somewhere, or join a referral site that may be a scam, according to The Verge.

Of course, these people usually have no intention of giving out free iPhones, and they just take advantage of the desire of people to do anything to own the new iPhone. It is important that you do not click on any links that promise free iPhones anywhere on the internet, because they may be infested with malware, and they may compromise your personal information by downloading malware and viruses on your computer. In addition, they may download adware, which will cause annoying ads to pop up on a random basis when you are browsing the web, or even when you are not.

A study found that there were over five hundred pages across various social channels promising free iPhones. Dozens of them had links that contained malware. Others made people fill out a form with personal information. Others simply used the promise of a free iPhone as a trick to get people to like or subscribe to their social channels, essentially getting fake likes for free.

There are websites that promise the same thing, and which come up when you search for a free iPhone in Google. The best thing to remember is that free iPhone offers are almost always scams, and that you should avoid them like the plague. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Paul Mampilly has enjoyed the pinnacle of success with an enviable career on Wall Street where he expertly invested millions of dollars as a hedge fund manager. His latest endeavor seeks to help ordinary investors by providing them with an opportunity to access his stock-picking skills. Nearly two-thirds of Americans have their money in savings accounts which yield little in this age of low-interest rates. With the paltry returns that interest-bearing accounts are putting forth, many people are seeking alternatives to invest in.

With an expert’s skillset driving him, Mampilly suggests that new investors should focus on technology and innovation. One particular area of interest is the growing market for electric cars. The reduction in moving parts and lower maintenance costs are cited by him as reasons that more Americans are jettisoning the old-fashioned internal combustion engine for electric models. This could very well be the next lucrative area that investors should strongly consider.

Another trend that seems poised to take off is precision medicine which uses genetic testing to help doctors develop customized treatment plans for serious diseases like cancer. A comprehensive database of genetic information is being developed and can help physicians determine the best treatment options for each unique patient. Paul Mampilly’s advice for investors is to research companies that provide genetic testing, and learn more about Paul.

More than ever, Americans are seeking to eat healthier foods and restaurants that cater to this concept should do very well in going forward. Couple this new trend with delivery systems and you have a home run according to Mampilly. This type of innovation is helping to redefine society in the twenty-first century as it gives people the convenience of eating healthy meals in their own home.

Paul Mampilly has a stellar track record as an investor and he makes his talents available with several different newsletters each having a different market theme. He provides hedge-fund quality research to anyone who can pay a nominal fee for his market expertise and stock-picking skills. Customers buy his stock recommendations in their brokerage accounts and can avoid the substantial fees that a financial advisor would charge.

The career of Paul Mampilly has been characterized by success at every stop along the way. He managed millions for noted companies like Deutsche Bank, ING, and Kinetics International to name several.

Perhaps his most celebrated accomplishment was when he won the prestigious Templeton Foundation investing competition. His long-only strategy during the height of the Great Financial Crisis when the market was plunging makes his victory all the more remarkable, and

According to TechCrunch, it is no longer just enough for companies to use protective measures to protect their data from breaches. This is because as hackers become more sophisticated, it gets harder and harder to stop them. Your next step should be installing data breach detection. This will detect if a breach is occurring, and it will let you galvanize yourself to stop it before it does too much damage.

The way it used to be was that hackers looked for easy targets. They would look for companies that did not install security measures. They did not want to waste their time with large corporations that had installed multiple high-quality protective measures. This is because they were using generic malware and generic code that would just look for easy targets to breach.

However, these days, hackers are carefully planning each attack. They are not sending around generic malware, hoping that it will bite someone. In addition, they have become increasingly sophisticated, and they can now figure out ways to get around the protective measures. They are even purchasing the security measures themselves and playing around until they find a way to breach it.

So why is data breach protection so important? The answer lies in the fact that most of the damage from a data breach occurs after the actual breach had happened. The breach itself takes hours and sometimes days to complete. Most of the damage occurs afterward. If you have a system that detects when a breach has started, you can mitigate the damage by stopping the breach before it gets any further, or before the hackers are able to do anything with regards to stealing personal information. Considering that sixty six percent of breaches are not detected for months, you will realize that a lot of damage can be avoided if companies all start using data breach detection.

Michel Terpins keeps on doing what he specializes in, and rallying is his passion. It was obvious in the 24th version of the Sertões Rally where regardless of not having his standard accomplice for the sake of partner and sibling Rodrigo Terpins who together they go after the Bull Sertões Rally Team in the T1 model classification he was as yet ready to develop triumphant in the second stage and in addition secure position 5 in the whole rally. For this one, he banded together with another colleague Maykel Justo out of the blue and together they could pilot the T-rex an exceptional vehicle that was produced by the MEM group for the sole reason for this version of the opposition. The T-rex had seen real changes regarding better dealing with and in addition a superior suspension which were aligned with the greatest exactness by the designer’s specialists to guarantee that it is ready to deal with the general separation of twenty-six thousand kilometers. The landscape that canvassed a zone in more than two states will undoubtedly be extreme as the sum total of what others had been, a pattern that was normal in the version.

The stages all included new and more extensive difficulties and all together for a group to be effective; it needed to experience each stage and finish it. Amid the second stage the Bull Sertões Rally Team came in as the champs, this was a significant accomplishment for individuals who had never determined as a group, and it empowered them to build up a superior comprehension of each other’s capacities and abilities. Michel Terpins vehicle which had the # 322 sticker on it was a piece of the Carbon Free activity this was an exceptional activity realized by the Green Initiative establishment they were issuing taking an interest autos with a Carbon Free seal that would guarantee that the CO2 discharged by the partaking vehicles over all the seven phases would be made up for by planting trees in the Atlantic Forest.

This activity picked up a great deal of footing as the underwriting of Michel Terpins guaranteed that all other taking an interest drivers comprehended its significance and how it be major to the rally in the coming years.

According to Forbes, there are three kinds of cybersecurity needs of companies. The first is what Forbes calls the security unready. These companies are usually smaller companies, and they have not done any preparation for security threats. They have not installed any measures, they do not have any security professionals on their team, and they generally have the attitude that it can not happen to them, perhaps because they think they are too small. However, security attacks do happen to random companies, no matter their size. Because these companies usually do not have a large budget, the way to fit their cybersecurity needs usually is by giving them tools and cybersecurity software that does not require a lot of hands on work. Tools that are automated are usually a good fit for these companies.

The next class of companies is what Forbes calls the security mature. These companies are often companies that store customer data, including banks, government offices, and technology companies. These companies have usually put in a lot of money to make sure that they have secured their networks. However, because they are at such a high risk, it often is not enough. In addition, many simply do not know how to install security measures the right way. They may not be spending enough money on certain aspects of cybersecurity.

Then there are ordinary people who need security protection. One way to provide them with this is by providing them with cybersecurity insurance. Unfortunately, many insurance agencies are unaware of how to price their insurance, and what it should cover. It is also imperative that people all over the world work on ways to prevent hackers from accessing other people’s personal information, and there needs to be education on how people can stay protected while surfing the web.

Two-factor authentication is a popular way to make sure that your devices and accounts are protected from hackers. The way it works is that when you want to sign in to your account on a new device, you need to first get an authentication code sent to your mobile phone or your email address, and you will need to enter that code before you can access your account. This prevents people who have somehow hacked your password from accessing your account.

However, there is a new method that may replace two-factor authentication, according to The Verge. It is called Pixie. What it does is let you choose a specific object that you own. You will use this object to sign in to your accounts by taking pictures of it and uploading the pictures when you want to sign in.

This object can be anything you own. It will remain a secret, so only you know what the object is. It can be your bracelet, a book that you like reading, or even a mug that you use. You will take several pictures of the object at the beginning so that the system can recognize your later pictures of it. There are measures put into place so that it can recognize the object even if you can not take high quality pictures, such as if you do not have sufficient lighting.

Pixie is not yet ready to come to the market. However, studies say that it can be used to secure any device, ranging from smartphones to smartwatches. It is actually better than human face recognition in many ways, because you can change the item you use to identify yourself. In addition, when brute force was tried to see if hackers can figure out the object, they found that it would only work 0.09 percent of the time.

Facebook is now testing a feature that will let users sign in by using facial recognition. This may be used as an option in addition to two-factor authentication, which makes users enter a code that was sent via text message to their phones in order to access their accounts. With the facial recognition feature, users can use their faces to identify themselves instead, according to TechCrunch.

As of now, Facebook is only using this feature for users that have been locked out of their accounts, such as if they had lost their password. Usually, they would need to enter the two-factor authentication code that was sent to them via text message. However, if they have changed their number, or if they do not have access to their phone at the moment they want to log in, or if they changed their mobile phone plan and cannot accept text messages, or if they are out of their mobile service area, they can use the facial recognition feature to sign in to and access their account.

Facebook is only testing this feature with a limited number of users. It also only works on devices where the user has already logged into Facebook, to prevent hackers from logging in on other devices. Facebook will be testing it and seeing if it can be fooled. If it is really safe and secure, Facebook may roll it out to more users of the social platform.

Facebook has tried other methods in the past of allowing users to log in without an SMS code. For example, they let you designate your trusted friend who you would allow Facebook to send codes to, and who would be able to help you open your account that way. This new feature will make things easier for people who are locked out of their account.


Securus Technologies, proudly headquartered in the heart and soul of downtown Dallas, is a proud for-profit business technology company of many years, and it’s future has never looked brighter, especially considering that it is run by some of the best people in the business altogether – innovative leaders with bright hopes for a better future. Among these leaders stands Richard A. Smith, the CEO since June 23, 2008. He and Securus are featured in many recent news articles and on social media platforms like Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Crunch Base.

More About Securus and What Its Leaders Stand for

Smith ensures that all operations at Securus run both as smoothly and as efficiently as possible, but what does this necessarily mean, “in layman’s terms” as they say? Well, for one, since Securus has business contracts with nearly 3,000 public and private entities every year, it’s important to crack the whip on safety and productivity every now and then. These are, after all, mainly correctional facilities and therefore require a more serious nature of business as well. Smith proudly oversees all such operations down to the most minute detail while also ensuring that the company continues to employ within its scope and budget, which are approximately 1,000 people per year into entry-level positions with a few more moving up within the company. As you can derive, Smith must have his hands quite full indeed, but he does not let that get him down or sap his energy; I have, in fact, never read about a leader with such a stamina and a level of patience for such a difficult industry – the inmate communications industry.

Number One in Inmate Communications Businesses and Plans for More to Come – Stay Tuned

Also, Smith’s company has recently attributed more than $600 million into funding for newer technologies, acquisitions and licensed patents for use within the next half decade. We’ll see more in the months to come, so continue to check back on Rick Smith Securus later this year. Did you know that Securus also stands as one of the – if not the most – successful businesses in the inmate telecommunications industry as a whole? The facts don’t lie: 2015 was a year of a good start for breaking ground and improving past call services and records like never before. According to Smith, that was only the first step forward into far greater things: He invites all to stay updated; may Securus surprise us.

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  • University of Rochester
  • MBA
  • State University of New York at Buffalo
  • Bachelor’s Degree, Engineering
  • State University of New York
  • Master’s Degree, Engineering

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