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The holiday season is now approaching. Many people will be shopping online. When you shop online, there are certain web security and cybersecurity issues you should know about. You have to be careful about your activities online so that you and your personal information stay safe. Security experts are advising that you keep your software up to date. This means that both your computer, your laptop, and your phone should be up-to-date with the latest software. You should also have an anti-virus software installed. By updating your software, you will stay one step ahead of hackers

You should also always enter information on a secure website. Make sure the website is the right website and not a fake website. Make sure that there is an https secure connection. Make sure you are on a secure home network and not on a public network, especially not on a free WiFi network, which allows anyone to see your online activities. You should be aware of deals that look too good to be true. You have to make sure that you are not on a phony website. You should always go straight to the website of the retailer instead of just clicking on ads that promise deals that seem to be too good to be true. There is nothing to fear about, but you should always be careful and cautious.

In addition, you should always keep updating your passwords. You should have a firewall installed on your network. Your passwords should not be easy to figure out, should be hard, and only you should know what they are.

The White House is considering banning its staff members from using cell phones at work. This is to improve cybersecurity and web security. This new move does not have anything to do with press leaks. Instead, it is solely about network security in the White House.

Personal phones that are owned by staff members are not as secure as phones that are issued by the federal government. There are many personal phones connected to the wireless network at the White House. This can be harmful to the network. Even if one unsecured device is connected to the network, the whole network can be compromised. White House Chief of Staff John Kelly is a big proponent of the personal cell phone ban at the White House. It has been reported that his own cell phone had been compromised previously this year.

The official who talked about the potential ban spoke on condition of anonymity. The ban is not yet in place and officials do not yet know whether they will put it in place, and if they do, when it will happen. There are already some security precautions in place at the White House to prevent security issues. For example, when members go into a meeting where sensitive or classified information is discussed, they have to leave their cell phones in a bin outside of the room before they enter the meeting.

Although this move would improve security at the White House, some staff members are concerned that it will prevent them from staying in touch with their family members and other important friends during the day. They cannot use Gmail on the computers that are connected to the White House network. If they cannot use their personal phones either, they will not be able to be connected to their email accounts during the day.

Developing augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and 3D apps has always been a time consuming process, but Amazon hopes to change this with the release of Sumerian.

Announced at the Midnight Madness event that kicked off AWS re:Invent, Sumerian is a free service for building mixed reality (AR and VR) and 3D apps. Since there is little programming involved with Sumerian, you can develop apps both quickly and cost effectively.

Sumerian is available free of charge. The only requirement is that you host your app with Amazon Web Services (AWS), which charges you for any resources you use, such as disk space and bandwidth. With this service, you can develop apps for phones and tablets, digital signs, head-based displays and web browsers.

The software is currently in preview release, and at least for now is only available as a web app. It runs in any browser supporting WebVR or WebGL. This means that it supports pretty much every modern web browser out there, including those for mobile.

Sumerian currently has the following features:

• The design and creation of AR, VR and 3D environments using pre-built objects.
• The creation of animated characters.
• The ability to build client apps for different platforms.

Amazon believes Sumerian will be a game changer, as it feels while there is tremendous demand for mixed reality apps, the upfront investment to even begin to create them is prohibitive. Until now. They believe now with Sunerisn companies will be able to build mixed reality apps in a matter of weeks.

Sumerian isn’t Amazon’s first foray into mixed reality. They previously bought Body Labs and GameSparks, and clearly see it as a growth opportunity. It will interesting to see in the coming months what apps developers create with this new tool.

Paul Mampilly is a successful American investor/adviser who now helps others to build their wealth with his advisory services. He has a great depth of experience in finance and investing that Paul Mampilly uses to make his recommendations. He has an uncanny ability to pick stocks of companies that bring disruptive technologies to the marketplace, which generate extraordinary returns for investors.

Investing in IoT

One such technology sector that is seeing massive expansion is the technology used for the Internet of Things (IoT). For the past few years, Paul Mampilly has been encouraging investors to take a serious look at companies working with IoT technology.

The IoT includes the connections made through private networks and via the Internet to equipment and other things. The applications needed for the IoT are nearly unlimited. Obvious uses are in electrical power production and distribution systems. There are less obvious applications, which have exceptional potential, such as using the collection of Big Data from the IoT that is then processed using artificial intelligence programming to discover patterns that could not be seen otherwise.

Forbes reported that estimates made by General Electric are that the IoT potential as a business sector will be up to $60 trillion dollars over the next 15 years.

An article appeared in ValueWalk that was written for The Sovereign Investor by Paul Mampilly. It noted that Bill Gates recently made an $800 million investment in the development of a new “smart” city in Arizona. The goal of smart cities is to build a new community “from the Internet up.”

Interconnection of everything in this new city design will create an operating example of how IoT technology can work effectively for an entire community. It will also help discover issues with the technology and identify areas for improvement. This is just one example of how IOT is being applied and there are many more. IoT may offer significant opportunities for savvy investors that follow Mampilly’s recommendations.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly received his education in Business Administration Accounting and Finance from Montclair State University, where he graduated in 1991. He followed this, by graduating in 1997 with a Master’s in Business Administration-Finance from Fordham Gabelli School of Business. For more info about us: click here.

His background includes time as a hedge fund manager for Kinetics where the fund amassed $25 billion quickly under his guidance by averaging 26% annual returns. He won the prestigious Templeton Foundation investment competition by starting with $50 million, which he built up to $88 million during the global financial crisis years of 2008 to 2009. Since 2016, he has been the Senior Editor for Banyan Publishing.

A report by security firm Trend Micro found that there are millions of vulnerable and insecure devices in European cities. In Berlin alone, there are 2.8 million insecure devices. In London, there are 2.5 million insecure devices.

The researchers used Shodan, which is a search engine that lets you find devices that are connected to the internet. Now, just because a device is exposed, that does not mean that it is immediately and automatically vulnerable to attack. However, once the information is available through Shodan, hackers can use that information to try to find out if they can take advantage of a compromised aspect of a device.

Trend Micro explains that the reason for this is because manufacturers are creating devices without enough security built-in. Instead, they are focusing their attention on creating devices that are manufactured in a way that increases profits and revenue. It is usually up to the user to make configurations to their devices in order to make them more secure. However, Trend Micro explains that it is time for manufacturers to start putting an extra focus on security when they create their devices. This will cause fewer people to be vulnerable to attacks. Devices that are connected to the internet can even include webcams and printers. If they do not have security measures built-in, then attackers can use them as an entrance point to gain access to a network and attack it. Attacks can wreak havoc. An example would be a DDOS attack.

Trend Micro did a previous report on cities in the United States. They gave a report of the number of devices, including routers and web servers, that were exposed to the internet according to Shodan. They also reported on the exact industries that are affected by this.

Our health is our greatest asset. This is because, without proper healthcare, there is no way you can complete your daily work. Despite the care we take, we still fall ill. With the large pool of health care centers, it might be hard to decide on the most favorable one. The people of Asheboro, North Carolina are fortunate to have Dr. Imran Haque. Dr.Imran is a certified Internal Medicine doctor. He has an experience of 15 years.

Dr. Imran Haque operates in the Horizontal Internal Medicine. He heals a majority of diseases. Dr. Imran helps his diabetic patients live healthily. He advises them on the best diets and listens to their experiences. He has transmitted this passion to his staff. The staff treats their patients carefully. The moment you choose the Horizontal Internal Medicine, you become their responsibility. Your health condition becomes their business.

Dr. Imran Haque says that for a business to finally stand on its own, a lot of efforts is needed. Success needs patience and diligence. He also says that good networks are a booster to every business. A good relationship with professionals and investors in your line of work is equally helpful.

No successful entrepreneur hasn’t failed at some point. They don’t exist. This is because, from failure, great lessons are learned. Dr. Imran Haque have had his challenges. His most memorable one is in the sock and textile business. He extended the company way too soon. He did not let this failure bring him down. He diverted attention to medicine. This is because that is the field that he was best acquainted with compared to the textile business. This is one of the lessons that young businesspersons can learn from Dr.Imran.

Like any other entrepreneur, he learns a lot from different personalities. He seeks inspirational and motivation to keep going. His favorite book is a text by Stephen R. Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. He advises other investors to secure a copy.Dr. Imran Haque is also inspired by Barrack Obama. He says that he loves his calm nature. Even under stressful conditions, he always has it all under control.

Popular image sharing site Imgur recently recognized that it suffered a security breach that compromised around 1.7 million of its users’ emails and passwords in 2014.

The massive image sharing site, home to a large community of internet users focused on internet memes and culture, released a statement on their blog outlining the details of the security breach and the extent of information compromised.

The site’s management was only made aware of the breach recently by security researcher Troy Hunt three years after it happened, leaving many users compromised and unaware of the fact.

Roy Sehgal, Imgur’s Chief Operating Officer explained that the breach was caused by a fault in the password encrypting algorithm the site used at the time and assured users that the said algorithm is no longer being used. This means users who joined the website or changed their passwords after the breach would not be affected by it.

Roy Sehgal urged users to change their passwords and to take security-conscious measures to prevent further damage such as using different passwords for different online accounts.

Troy Hunt, the researcher who uncovered the security breach, praised Imgur for its professional and quick response to the security breach in a post on Twitter.

This comes at a time when Uber and Equifax are facing PR scandals involving attempts to hide similar security breaches to protect their public image. Experts point out such measures intensify the consequences of security breaches and leave users vulnerable to abuse by hackers.

Being close to God is a primary role of Christians. Nowadays churches are beautiful and welcoming for everyone. Minnesota is a state that is packed with various beautiful churches. Just to discuss a few:

Church of St. Columba, St. Paul

Church of St. Columba is a lovely church located in the residential area of St. Paul. The church is featured with a mixture of French Norman-style and Deco/Moderne designs. The church is built with Indiana limestone, and its interior is beautifully designed with vintage characters. Church of St. Paul was established in 1950, but its parish history stated in 1914. View the interactive map at

St. Thomas More Catholic Church, St. Paul

With Classic Romanesque Revival architecture features, St. Thomas More Catholic Church is one of the most beautiful churches in Minnesota. Moreover, it has arched windows, limestone brick, heavy doors and historic features relating to St. Paul’s life. The church is located on Summit Ave surrounded by historic buildings and beautiful homesteads.

Church of the Sacred Heart, Freeport

The Church of the Sacred Heart was ranked top on the Steams County Churches list because of its beautiful features. The church is found in the small town of Freeport and includes an incredible interior design. Being a small church, the Church of the Sacred Heart has taken people by surprise with its unique architectural qualities.

Mighty fortress Church (MFI)

Mighty Fortress Church is a wonderful church found in Minneapolis, Minnesota. MFI is a home to many worshippers who are always moved with the strong message the church offers. The church has anointed preachers who strengthen the relationship between man and God. Many people who attend the church have inspiring testimonies in how the church has changed them. Visit Yelp to write a review about Mighty Fortress Church.

Mighty Fortress Church creates a warm and friendly environment for worshippers to feel comfortable in the presence of God. Primarily the church believes in providing respect and love for worshippers. Every person in the society is welcomed to MFI because the church is opened for anyone who wants to have a healthy Christian life.

MFI is led by its senior pastor Bishop Thomas Williams who has been serving in the evangelist industry for over three decades. Bishop Thomas preaching sessions never miss talking about the importance of reconciliation. Bishop Thomas Williams graduated from the Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma and then proceeded to North Central University where he earned a BA degree in Mass Communication. Bishop Thomas has helped transform the lives of many people spiritually.


Two early injunctions in DC and Maryland were challenging Trump’s order to overturn the Obama-era policies that were meant to allow transgender recruits in the military. A ruling issued by federal judge clarified that the military should move forward with the plan to allow transgender recruits that was scheduled to start on Jan 1, 2018.

The trump administration has already declared that it will be appealing the DC-based injunction that was issued by US District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly. However, before the Justice Department filed notice to appeal the injunction, it asked the Judge to clarify that her court’s injunction didn’t impede the Defense Secretary James Mattis the prerogative of exercising his discretion to defer the accession of the transgender military service Obama-era order on January 1, 2018. Under an order issued earlier by Defense Secretary Ashton Carter in 2016, the military was supposed to have started implementing the new accession policies of allowing transgender military recruits by July 1, 2017, if the candidates met the department’s requirements.

However, Mattis succeeded in pushing the date back to January 1, 2018. Kollar-Kotelly’s disregarded the Justice Department’s expectations of allowing Mattis to keep delaying the date, by clarifying that the Jan 1, 2018, date has to stay. The court made it clear that the effect of the issuance of its order was meant to change the status quo regarding accession and retention that existed before the Presidential Memorandum of the Trump administration was issued. So, the debate is likely to continue in the coming months.

Over the years, there has been a huge debate on what should be taught in cybersecurity courses. Many beginners often wonder whether the classes teach coding skills such as Python, and C#. In reality, such skills are not normally taught in such a course. There is a need to understand that the cybersecurity profession by itself is quite huge.

Many cybersecurity professionals working in big companies today are bureaucrats. Their work is to make certain that the company systems are secured by working with code reviewers and IT administrators to confirm that the prescribed standards have been employed. They do so by writing documents where they note any shortcomings that may have been recorded, as well as why these shortcomings were noted.

Additional groups comprise of:

White hat hackersIntrusion detection specialistsSecurity developers
• White hat hackers. It is a group whose main role is to hack systems in a bid to find vulnerabilities proactively. It tends to comprise very few individuals, and many of their discoveries are made by accident.
• Intrusion detection specialists. The specialists sit around in a room each day as they wait for alarms to sound off. Top tier specialists understand the meaning of these alarms while their counterparts idle around playing games as they wait for that moment when something will go wrong.
• Security developers. They write the code for software applications used in intrusion and virus detection systems.

The bottom line is that many jobs in the cybersecurity field do not require you to have any coding knowledge. But you need to be good in OS and networks administration.

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