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In 2013, women held only 4.6 percent of the Fortune 1000 CEO positions. During the same period, only 19 women held high electorate offices as prime ministers and presidents around the world. This shows how gender diversity continues to remain a highly contentious debate in leadership roles.

One of the few women who has defied this odd and prospered in leadership is Susan McGalla. At 53 years of age, she has held various high-ranking positions in the business world such as president of the American Eagle Outfitters, a large clothing, and accessories retail outlet with over 1,000 stores. She began working for the retail store in 1994 as a divisional merchandise buyer for women’s clothing. She held various managerial positions until becoming president and chief merchandising officer. She was responsible for the American Eagle Outfitters profit and loss management, revenues of about $3 billion, management of various brands that were under the outlet and an e-commerce site. Susan McGalla created a culture change at the American Eagle Outfitters as there were no women in senior positions in the organization.

Susan McGalla grew up alongside two elder brothers. She attributes her success to the fact that her parents assisted her in building confidence regardless of her audience and always encouraged her to work hard. As a result, she is able to work well and prosper around both men and women. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing from Mouth Union College.

Susan McGalla now works for the Pittsburgh Steelers as the vice president of business strategy. Pittsburgh Steelers is an American football club based in Pennsylvania. They compete in National Football League or NFL. Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the most successful NFL franchises.

Apart from employment, Susan McGalla is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting. She offers consulting services on marketing, operation efficiencies, branding and talent management to her clients. She is also a motivational speaker who encourages women to get ahead in business.

Susan McGalla believes that all men and women are equal in their careers. She hopes that more women will take the same approach, and have the same attitude that she did, in growing their careers.

Rocketship Education is a California based charter school that opened in 2007. This charter school has gained national recognition due to its strong student test scores and a blended learning approach. It’s teaching model combines both traditional and computer-aided instruction. Accordingly, the school heavily depends on technology to sustain its excellent test scores as well as an expansion program targeting the entire country.

Rocketship education center is a nonprofit public elementary school network that serves students from low-income neighborhoods.

The program offers a transformative learning experience that not only caters to students but also engages parents, empowers teachers, and inspires communities. The very core of its teaching model comprises classroom instruction as well as outdoor extracurricular activities. As such, it predicates its education model on five fundamental principles: online learning, group instruction, team learning, targeted intervention, and small group instruction. It’s educators enjoy enormous flexibility in planning courses and outcomes to satisfy students’ needs.

Every Rocketship education center is guided by five core values. These values are persistence, responsibility, empathy, and respect with the fifth being variable and chosen by parents and teachers. Its core values fit in with the school’s mission of equipping students with essential skills while in school and their future. To achieve this goal, the school has created a positive, consistent, and predictable experience to help students develop social-emotional competence for success in the classroom and beyond. For example, social-emotional instruction is provided three times in a week. It’s teaching curricula are carefully developed and differentiated for students in lower and upper-grade classes. The Kimochis curriculum is employed for lower grade students based on five character attributes that allow students to depersonalize opportunities. Upper-grade students apply RULER for tracking their behavior, progress, and feelings in a mood journal.

Students enjoy a variety of activities geared towards enriching the learning experience such as foreign language instruction, physical exercise, and theater. Rocketship Education’s goal is to provide an education that equips students with the academic knowledge they require for the rest of their professional and academic lives. The school has programs that up to the fourth grade with a total population of 350 students in the 2016 – 2017 school year.


Vijay Eswaran is a Malaysian businessman who was born in Penang in October of 1960. He is the Executive Chairman of the QI Group which is headquartered in Hong Kong.

His parents were a teacher and an employee of the Malaysian Ministry of Labour. He moved around Malaysia a lot during his childhood due to his fathers work with the Malaysian Ministry. Read more: Five Minutes With Dr. Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, QI Group of Companies

Vijay Eswaran attended the London School of Economics where he received his degree in socio economics in 1984. He lived in Europe for a year while working odd jobs including construction in Belgium, wine picking in France and driving a cab in London.

He discovered binary system marketing when he was in the United Kingdom and he obtained his professional qualifications from CIMA. He then attended the Southern Illinois University where he earned his MBA in 1986.

Vijay Eswaran became involved with multilevel marketing while working in the United States. He worked for Synaptics on a part time basis. Eventually he returned to Malaysia and was approached by the Cosway Group. This was the beginning of his business with the Philippines and the period in time he began to take multilevel marketing extremely seriously.

Once Vijay Eswaran returned to Asia he was one of the founders of a multilevel marketing company. The company eventually expanded and grew into a company called the QI Group. The QI Group is an ecommerce conglomerate who focuses on business travel, telecommunications, media, wellness, luxury products, corporate investments and training.

The QI Group has numerous regional office with locations in Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. Their presence encompasses ten countries through their subsidiary companies.

They are a diversified multinational company and their businesses include education, direct selling, hospitality, retail and financial services.

The QI Group has in excess of 1500 employees spread across thirty countries. Their focus is to give people the ability to find the solutions that will lead them to power entrepreneurship. The QI Group enhances urban lifestyles and seeks reforms in education.

They are always evolving and expand by using tactical investments placed in the global markets. They create high quality ventures, services and products throughout the world.

In an industry that is ever-changing and can be difficult for some companies to be able to stay stable with, it is important that the CEO of a prison industry business be able to try different things so that they will be able to do more than what they had in the past. Rick Smith knows this very well and has worked to protect Securus by doing everything that he can to acquire new companies, use the latest methods of communication and provide the prisons with a lot of technologically advanced options for their needs. All of this has led to Securus remaining one of the top companies in the prison industry and that has secured Rick Smith’s position as one of the top CEOs. He has learned a lot about what to do for the company and how to make sure that it is going to be successful for years in the future.

When Rick Smith made the choice to make Securus better, he did so with the intention that he was going to change things with other companies. Since Securus recently acquired JPay, that was something that they were good at. It continues to be a major part of the business and that is everything that has made it easier for Rick Smith to do different things. It is also something that has made it easier for them to remain stable no matter what is going on in the economy or in the prison industry that they are a part of and to learn more click here

While Rick Smith recognizes that it is important to try new things, he also recognizes that communication is important. Since Securus was originally a communication company, Rick Smith likes to keep that theme the same. He has tried his best to show people what they can get in different situations and what will make things better for them. He does different things, like creating prison email systems, so that inmates can have different ways of communicating. He has also done what he can to provide the prisons with the communication procedures that they need for monitoring phone calls and the JPay acquisition was a huge part of this.


Supporting the administration is extremely important to Rick Smith. He knows that prisons need good administrators if they are going to be successful and he is confident that he can give the administrators everything that they need to improve the options that they have. All of the things that Rick Smith has done for his company are going to make things better and it will help Rick Smith to grow Securus. He plans on giving different technological options to all of the administrators that he is currently working with.

One of the latest dangers to web security is Malware with the ability to steal passwords. The Malware is spreading quickly due to the extremely low pricing. The software is not sophisticated but it is effective and the sale price is ridiculously low. The name of the software is Ovidiy Stealer and it is being sold to cybercriminals at a Russian website for $7 to $13. Although the tool does not give them the capability to decimate vulnerable computers like WannaCry could it is an effective tool for stealing passwords. It can also steal credentials from web browsers including Opera, Chrome, and Google. In regards to the other top browsers such as Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox they are not supported and last year their userbase exceeded two billion. They are providing a lot of potential targets for the Malware.

The security researchers at Proofpoint believe the malware is being distributed as attachments for emails, disguised as a tool for cheating the most popular games, and as a mining tool for cryptocurrency. The malware additionally allows users access to web-based dashboards giving them the ability to keep tabs on all of their campaigns. For more details on this new Malware please visit

As victims are infected by the Malware their dashboard displays new information. An infected machine allows the Malware to look at log files, stolen credentials, and request technical support from the creator of Ovidiy Stealer. The creator is a hacker who uses the name TheBottle. Proofpoint feels the Malware does have the potential to become an increasingly widespread threat. The dirt cheap price of the Ovidiy Stealer is making it close to becoming an epidemic. The best protection is to enable a two-factor authentication on all of your accounts. An app capable of generating strong passwords with the ability to allow a fast reset in case of an infection is also an excellent idea.

The fight against data breaches is not going well.

According to the Identity Theft Resource Center and CyberScout and Your text to link…, the rate of data breaches has increased by 29 percent.

This center defines a data breach as being when a driver’s license number, a Social Security number, a medical record and a financial record connected to a person are taken from a database or any virtual security box. This taking is done by hacking, phishing, mistake, thieving or negligence.

Karen A. Barney says that if somebody just hacks your Social Security number in certain states, this could count as a data breach. This makes sense, especially in the United States, is closely linked to person’s Social Security number. When you fill our most forms in the US, a person has to give their Social Security number (SSN). A hacker or thief could use it to gain access to all information regarding an American.

The most popular way to make a data breach is by hacking.

This center monitors data breaches in business, health care, medicine, the military, and education.

More than 50 percent of the data taking occurs in the business area. The health care and medical industries come in second in this monitoring of data breaches.

Since 2005, there has been a total of 7,700 data breaches. These breaches have taken about 900 million records. In 2016, there about a thousand data takings. These takings took about 36 million records. So far, there have been 791 data breaches with about 12.4 million records

Details regarding new sentiments on this topic report that up to 4 times the available funds have gone into appointing lawmakers against Obama’s Open Internet Policies. Associates of organizations in favor of restricting Net Neutrality,
remain supportive through campaigning exercises, which have already raised moneys for rivals of internet fairness, well into the $19 million range.

Internet fairness suggests an idea that the right of Restricting certain ISPs from broadband access be denied to Major companies, despite the size of content imparted to the viewer. Net Neutrality is responsible for surprising advancements through an open source internet which permits the utilization of a less confined data transferral capacity in the name of progress. Previous campaigns have contended that this non-partisanship is imperative, yet the companies in question have bypassed majority rule. They claim to not be using covert tactics, AT&T however has advertised as a supporter of unlimited internet services to their clients, while in the meantime financing the restriction.

Among the gathering’s lack of biased associates, Sunlight, expressed in the latest congressional hearings, certain sentiments regarding “Google, Microsoft, and two leaders in their industries, DISH Network and Sprint.” Among them are AT & T, The Telecommunications Association, Verizon, the United States Communications Workers and the United States Telecommunications Association. ”

Reports by the individuals who successfully restricted Net Neutrality, claim funding for the foundation which they believe only furthers innovation, is far too great to go uncompensated. Their political efforts suggesting constrained conditions as a requirement, have been validated and with little consideration for the average American.

The questionable outcome has been devastating for some. How innovation of the internet can more efficiently be achieved through entrusting it to the hands of those only concerned with profiting from limiting it, remains inconceivable to most. Hopefully we can come to better terms through some open deliberation about internet laws in the future.

Marc Spark’s story is about huge dreams and stripped down progress. His prosperity and accomplishments originated from staying positive amid the hardest of times and a unimaginably solid confidence in God. He devoted himself completely to the universe of business with just a secondary school confirmation he earned in 1975 while living in Austin, Texas. Marc Sparks learned by making various new businesses. He is simply the meaning of a made man and has investigated land, media communications, and capital ventures. He has stayed humble because of his disappointments and has been included with organizations, for example, Timber Creek Capital. Beginning in 2000 Timber Creek has given business people the help they requirements for capital, hardware, office space, web improvement, realistic workmanship, bookkeeping, lawful, client benefit, keeping money, promoting, and deals.


From 2001 until the point when 2005 Sparks gave examination and choice items through GlobalTec Solutions and wound up plainly included with Splash Media in 2004. The business has turned out to be one of the greatest administrations for media advertising worldwide and has practical experience in programming administrations, SEM, SEO, and video generation. Dependent Healthcare was built up in 2006 and worked until 2011. This was an administration organization in the social insurance field supported by doctors. They concentrated on human services operations and inpatient restoration.


Sparks profession proceeded with Agency Matrix from 2007 until 2011. The organization utilized easy to use apparatuses and mechanization to give answers for business workplaces. Cobalt Real Estate Services was established in 2009 is as yet working. The organization concentrates on private property deals and administration for multi-families and business properties is Texas. Blue Jay Wireless is likewise a present organization built up in 2012 and works in the field of prepaid media communications for people with credit challenges and either a low wage or no wage. Boxstar LLC was established in 2014 and represents considerable authority in transportation mark promoting. Marc Sparks current organizations likewise incorporates a national distributor of cellphones made in 2014 and called Cardinal Telecom LLC. His carefully assembled producer for vodka is called Bonn Oir and was set up in 2015. Additionally made in 2015 is Uncle Marc Food Delivery. The business conveys sustenance to eateries in the zone.


Marc Sparks has turned out to be perceived for his vitality and energy and this joined with his magnanimity has earned hello various awards. He has liberally given time and cash to The Samaritan Inn, The American Can, Habitat for Humanity, and made an establishment to help underprivileged young people named Sparky’s Kids. His tutoring programs have given business visionaries the devices and administration abilities they have to succeed. In 2014 Marc Sparks distributed a book titled They Can’t Eat You. This is his story and spreads everything from his shoestring spending plan to his revelations as a serial business person. The book has been warmly gotten everywhere throughout the world.

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Scott Rocklage role in life science success

Scott Rocklage is a 60-year old doctor and business leader. He is the most sought-after scientist working in biochemical studies and entrepreneurship. He is currently serving as the managing partner of 5AM Ventures; a company that specializes in investment capital especially on study towards life science. He joined 5AM Ventures in 2003 and was later appointed as the managing partner in 2004.


His roles at 5AM Ventures is to conduct and oversee life science studies and collaborating with investment management companies.


Besides working in 5AM Venture, Rocklage uses his extensive experience in scientific research to help entrepreneurs, physicians, fellow scientists and even business leaders in honing their ideas to increase the possibility of discovering solutions to world’s deadliest diseases.


His work and education background


Scott has a degree in Chemistry from the University of California. He later obtained a Doctors of Philosophy degree in Chemistry at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Besides studies, Dr. Scott has an extensive library of more than 100 papers published under his name not to mention some patents invention of drugs.


Dr. Scott has worked CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals, has served as the chairman and CEO of Nycomed Salutar, various leadership roles in Catalytica and Salutar among other exemplary leadership positions.


His experience in leadership has enabled him to steer 5AM Venture to higher heights. The company is now the most sort-after by those firms who wish to venture into life science industry. Scott has emphasized the use of modern technology in screening, preventing, and treating today’s medical challenges.


Dr. Scott is a no-nonsense person; he ensures that the company only recruits the most qualified staff will most relevant skills such as lawyers among others.


Through 5AM Ventures, Scott helps emerging businesses handle their operational activities with an eye of an expert. This helps the startup soar for success.


Dr. Scott is pleased of the advancement the scientist have had in finding Cancer’s cure. He comments that people living with the disease can now live longer.


He advises that one should never fear to step out of their comfort zone. He added that people should concentrate on what they understand best.


Dr. Rocklage is currently working as the Board Chairman of Achaogen, Relypsa, and Semprus. He also sits on the board of WaveRx, Pulmatrix.


His leadership strategies and over two decades in medical field opened the way to acceptance of three drugs by FDA (Omniscan, Cubicin, and Teslascan). He has also conducted successful drug trials in the laboratory.


Dr. Scott Rocklage has amassed over 30 years’ experience in healthcare management. His success in the chemical industry is mainly backed by his strong academic background and leadership abilities. Dr. Rocklage attained his B.S. in chemistry undergraduate degree from the University of California, Berkeley. He also holds a Ph.D. in chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Throughout his career, Rocklage has worked for both small and big players in the biotechnology industry. Currently, he is the managing partner of 5AM Ventures, a venture capital company that supports emerging life science firms. He first joined as venture partner in 2003; a year later the company appointed him to be a managing partner. Between May to July 2016, Dr. Rocklage was at the helm of EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. as the Chief Executive Officer. In addition, he had a stint at Cubist Pharmaceuticals, a publicly-traded company, and Nycomed Salutar, a company that specializes in diagnostic imaging as Chairman and CEO. Dr. Rocklage’s work experience is further enhanced by R&D positions he served at Nycomed and Catalytica between 1986 and 1989.While working in R&D, he was able to innovate and develop high-end products.

Currently, apart from serving as a chairman of the board of directors in Rennovia, Inc., Dr. Rocklage also serves Achaogen, Inc. in the same capacity. Rennovia is a private company with specialty in bio-renewable chemicals and medical technology firm Kinestral Technologies. Besides, Rocklage serves as the Board Chairman of WaveRx, Relypsa, Semprus, Variation and Pulmatrix. He is also a member of Board of Associates at the Whitehead Institute. Previously, Rocklage served as the Executive Chairman of Miikana (acquired by EntreMed) and Ilypsa (acquired by Amgen).

The vast experience and leadership capabilities that Dr. Rocklage has gained in the management of healthcare companies helped him to successfully lead the development of Cubicin (an antibiotic treatment) by Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Inc., and its subsequent approval by FDA. He is also the lead man in the development and FDA approval of Omniscan™ and Teslascan® drugs manufactured by Nycomed Salutar, Inc. Also, Scott Rocklage has gained a good reputation in helping several drug candidates gain approval for clinical trials. He has over 30 US invention patents, and published over 100 peer reviewed articles.

While at Massachusetts Institute of Technology for PhD studies, Dr. Rocklage researched under Richard R. Schrock’s laboratory named after chemistry professor and Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry. His attachment to MIT helped him establish a strong, professional life and career. Scott Rocklage together with his loving wife offered to donate $250,000 for the revamping of Nano chemistry and nanotechnology lab space in Building 2. Indisputably, Rocklage is a success story in turning science into business. He has contributed a lot to the Science sector throughout his career.

Cloud services have successfully brought human customers closer to their digital brands. Thus, companies can now reach their customers easily using a broad collection of low-cost and easy-to-use tactics. Email notification is an example of a cloud-based tool that has enabled companies to establish invaluable customer loyalty at a lower cost. Further, email notifications are currently advanced compared to their predecessor that allowed the transmission of repetitive or unwanted marketing messages.

Email notifications are tied to specific activities done by a user with either an app or a site. Customers receive an automated email on their mobile phones or computers about password changes or login attempts. Moreover, companies that give customers power and participation tend to get a win-win situation since people’s activities are digitally managed, for instance, shopping, work, and entertainment.

Previously, many companies had limited tools to check whether a brand has received feedback from users. Currently, notifications are supported by a superior tracking technology that is often developed by the customers. Furthermore, Facebook and Instagram offers a broad array of opt-in choices for push and email notifications, which are triggered by new messages or change of status automatically. SMS and push notifications are short-lived, easy-to-dismiss notifications that are mostly preferred by customers. However, email notifications are convenient when a user is aiming higher priority messages. Therefore, email notifications are an omnipresent technology on laptops, phones, and smartwatches.


Email notifications are a secure platform since every message is authenticated, transparently routed, and provide significant user account protection to all email providers. Further, they offer permanence with email search; thus, allows a user to locate records easily. Email notifications are built for bi-directional communication hence allowing the user to turn a notification into a conversation.

Customer involvement in designing and implementing of notifications helps businesses and companies to understand the customers’ desires about a brand and building trust. Moreover, life would be difficult without notifications about social activity, promotions, security, an incoming shipments. Currently, users are becoming accustomed to brands with notifications since they offer utility value and customer satisfaction.

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