Cardinals Executive Sentenced to 46 Months for Computer Hacking

A former St. Louis Cardinals executive was sentenced to nearly four years in prison for unlawfully hacking an account belonging to an unidentified Houston Astros executive. As part of his plea deal, Christopher Correa will spend 46 months in prison for violating federal hacking laws. Correa broke into an Astros’ database containing information regarding player… Read More »

Discover The Beauty Of Using Vibrant Lime Crime Products

A recent article about Lime Crime in Galore magazine has named Founder and CEO of Lime Crime, Doe Deere, one of the fastest growing female entrepreneurs in the industry of cosmetics. Lime Crime offers a bold new way to wear makeup for many celebrities and individuals that want to make a statement with their looks.… Read More »

Pantheon to Upgrade Own Web Programming Platform

Web-hosting company Pantheon has lined up $29 million dollars of capital to use in upgrading different components of its platform, and these improvements should be a tremendous help to the web programmers currently using the site. Pantheon will use the money to improve its features for Drupal and WordPress sites specifically. The company also announced… Read More »

Why Raj Fernando Recruits Top Class Employees

Raj Fernando is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Chopper Trading and He is renowned for his expertise in technological innovation, international financial markets, and foreign policy organization. He is a member of the Foreign Policy Leadership Committee at the Brookings and also serves as an Executive Board of Director for the… Read More »

Japan’s Softbank purchases ARM chip designer

Japan’s Softbank has finalized a $32 billion purchase of the UK technology firm, ARM Holdings. The technology firm was founded in the year 1990 and currently employs about 3,000 people in total, Both Apple and Samsung’s microchips are among the types of microchips that the Cambridge-based firm designs. The offer that shareholders accepted is estimated… Read More »

Talk Fusion Wins an Award Thanks to WebRTC Technology

If you haven’t heard about WebRTC technology, you will now. Recently, Talk Fusion received a prestigious award from the Technology Marketing Corporation. This award, known as the Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award is now the second award that Talk Fusion has won this year for their innovative communication solutions. This award is reserved… Read More »

Apple switches to audio fingerprinting for better music catalog matching

Apple has received many complaints about the manner in which Apple Music streaming matches users’ personal music collections to the catalog. By adopting audio fingerprinting, users should ideally be able to have much more accurate matches overall. In addition to hopefully improving the accuracy of the matches between user music collections and the catalog, the… Read More »

Firefox Makes Move to Block Unnecessary Flash Player

Millions of internet users rely on the popular Mozilla Firefox web browser. But a once major innovative technology has recently been a major drag on the Firefox web system. Flash player, a web plugin that provides the user with rich web picture and content, was once a necessary system in order to make websites usable.… Read More »

Pokémon Go Map Hack

There has been a major outbreak of developers creating new and innovative ways to hack into the Pokémon Go mobile application. The most common feature that the developers are offering include the ability to see, and find, the Pokémon nearest your location on the map. However, there are also many that allow the person to… Read More »

MLB Scouting Director Found Guilty of High-Tech Cheating

Christoper Correa, who once was a scouting director and director of baseball development for the St. Louis Cardinals, was found guilty of hacking a computer to access data from the Houston Astros. He was sentenced to 46 months in prison and has to pay nearly $280,000 in restitution. In the world of Major League Baseball,… Read More »