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Orthopedic treatment is a series of surgeries that helps to fix problems in the musculoskeletal system.


The most common orthopedic procedures are:


Broken bones and fractures. This method is the most common form of orthopedic treatment. The doctor will set up the break and apply a splint or cast so that the injury can heal on it’s own. In this case, physical therapy may be required to renew the strength in the bone when the cast is removed.

Arthroscopic Surgery. This kind of surgery is much less invasive than traditional surgery. It involves the use of a small camera with a light attached so that the surgeon can examine the area of injury. It can be done on a wide range of body parts including the knee, hip, and other areas. This type of surgery will not create tissue damage and involves smaller incisions. The healing process is faster.

ACL Procedures. ACL stands for “anterior cruciate ligament.” It is the ligament that keeps your knee in place. If the ACL is torn or ruptured, it is one of the most painful injuries. It is very serious and needs immediate attention. It has to be treated using orthopedic reconstruction methods. It is common in athletes because it happens when there is a huge impact, twisting, or shifting due to certain activities.


Greg Finch is a well known orthopedic surgeon from Australia. He has made a way for himself in the medical field. He has Medical Degrees from the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and the University of Auckland. Greg Finch received FRACS (Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons ) in 2001.


Greg Finch has been able to perform many successful procedures for his patients. Greg Finch is skilled in more non-invasive spinal procedures. His goal in orthopedic surgery is to treat patients with spine injuries using non-invasive measures by all means.

Andrew Rocklage is a young businessman who has managed to make an impressive name for himself in an only a few short years. After graduating from Suffolk University Law School, Andrew Rocklage decided to take his passion for business and use it to create a career for himself. His decisions and business efforts have made him a well-known businessmans in the Boston area.


Having a passion for business and law, Andrew Rocklage set out to become trained in both. He graduated from business school and then went on to law school where he successfully completed a very vigorous and hard program. After graduating he decided to continue his career in the business field where he found success creating his on business.


Maybe his most impressive accomplishment is the creation of his very own business, Sky Zone Trampoline Park. This trampoline park is unique and completely original from other parks, which could be the reason behind its tremendous success. His ability to look at things differently, coupled with his drive for success, has made this park one of the best in the country.


Although he has created his own business, he has also worked in other areas of the business world. His involvement in many areas of business and the corporate world have added to his knowledge and ability to create a successful business. Currently, he is involved in many other ventures, that show just how hard working Andrew Rocklage truly is. He is a part of the counsel for EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals. He also has a long history working with technology, something he accredits for his ability to see things differently.


Andrew Rocklage is a dedicated person in any venture of his life. After completing his business degree he went on to pursue a degree from a highly desired law program. It was after completing his program that he realized he had a desire to make something of himself in the business world, and that’s just what he did. His innovative ideas helped him to create a successful business while still allowing him to be involved in many other areas of the corporate world.

The medical field would be incomplete without medical practitioners such Dr.Scott Rocklage. This is because of the numerous contributions he has made in this field especially in the category of progressive medicine.Scott Rocklage is a medical practitioner with over 30 years experience in the field.The doctor is a medical researcher, medical manager, and a doctor all rolled into one.


The doctor has various principles which have propelled him in his career. Scott Rucklage works with entrepreneurs, scientists and physicians to produce life changing medications that treat various diseases.The modern way of treating cancer using genotypes to treat disease such as Cancer excites the doctor. Scott Rucklage prides himself as an organized and excellent time manager and this has helped him in being a productive entrepreneur. He advises people to focus on entrepreneurship rather than employment to succeed in life.


However, if he had a second chance to restart the company, his focus would lean on the selection of the employees.However, to beat this challenge his advice is to hire and fire on performance merit. In addition to this, his advice is to take measured risks in any venture you undertake.


About Scott Rucklage:


Scott Rucklage deals with life science venture investing. He has addressed various health establishments in the over 30 years he has been in this industry.Dr. Scott Rocklage is the Managing Partner of 5 AM Ventures. He joined this company in 2003 as a venture partner and got his present job appointment in 2004. 5 AM is a life science venture capital company that deals with developing new generation medication.


In addition to this post, he has also been the CEO and Chairman of Cubist Pharmaceuticals among others. Doctor Scott Rucklage has also served as the chairman of the Relypsa and Novira board. Currently, he serves the Cidara board, Rennovia board, and Kinestral board. He is affiliated to many other medical pharmaceuticals where he has served in various capacities.


Scott Rucklage attended MIT and received a Ph. D. in Chemistry and he also has a B.S in Chemistry from the University of California. He has over 30 patents with his name and he has authored over 100 professional medical publications.

When opting for an investment tool, it is advisable to seek advice from qualified and experienced investment advisors. Such professionals have deep insight on industry trends. Their industry knowledge and grasp of due diligence procedures and market analysis and research skills increase the chances of success and returns on investment vehicle of choice. However, most importantly it is advisable to invest in investment options where your investment advisor has also invested in. It symbolizes their trust in the investment company’s capability to make money not only in the present but also in the future. Over the years, Igor Cornelsen has invested in Bainbridge Group Inc; a company he works for as a consultant.



It is an impressive move career wise as it is one of the most effective ways of building client trust in the company. As an experienced investment with years of experience in the industry, Igor Cornelsen sends a clear message to his potential clients that based on his qualifications and years of experience, he fully trusts that the company is a reliable investment partner. Therefore, the clients should not only trust him as a professional and industry veteran, but also as a fellow investor seeking for the best investment opportunity. This idea is very appealing to both the clients and the employers. Cornelsen believes that while the history of the company is crucial in making investment decisions, it is important to focus on the company’s productivity in the short and long runs.



Social Media Presence



Igor Cornelsen is an avid user of social media platforms especially Facebook. However, he rarely posts personal stuff including photos. He primarily shares links on his Facebook page. The links provide information on a wide variety of issues including social, health, economic, investment and political contents. His Twitter handle has very few followers; does not follow many people too.




Supply chain management is an important component of business strategy especially for manufacturers. Lack of effective supply management and logistics practices can lead to grounding of company operations and in some cases, legal disputes. To overcome these challenges inherent in using distributors and suppliers and other stakeholders along the supply chain to receive its raw materials, Eucatex has opted for a more sustainable and manageable supply chain. Founded by the Brazilian entrepreneur and mechanical engineer, Flávio Maluf, the company has opted for growing its raw materials. The company owns huge tracks of land in São Paulo, Brazil, which it has used to cultivated forests. This strategic move ensures that the company has a continuous flow of raw materials including timber for its furniture marking division.


Flávio Maluf has a deep grasp of the various market segments. His experience as an entrepreneur and his industry knowledge enabled him expand the operations of Eucatex Group from a civil construction company, during its founding in 1951 into a business empire with numerous divisions operating in different industries. While some of these divisions operate in interlinked industries, diversification of the company’s operations ensures that the risks are spread and significantly minimized.


Brexit: Benefits And Shortcomings


Drawing from his years of experience as an entrepreneur and active participant in the management of his company, Flávio Maluf believes that the recent successfully referendum by the British to exit the European could have both negative and positive effects economically, whose effects would be felt beyond Europe or Britain many years down the line. He believes that the recent referendum will benefit the European countries as the recent economic uncertainties across globe leaves the EU as one of the few stable trading blocs across the globe. This may therefore lead to an upsurge in the number of new investors among EU countries. Such investors may be those who have closed shop in Britain due to unfavorable immigration laws because of Brexit. On the flipside, countries such as Brazil have an opportunity to sign better bilateral agreements with Britain even though such deals will come with a reduced market size compared to the EU.





Igor Cornelsen is a powerful investor that has used his time wisely. He has become a leader in the investment industry, and he knows a lot about investing in Brazil. He can tell investors about this area because this is where he has lived for a large portion of his life. He has become someone that knows the ins and outs of Brazilian culture, and he can get any investor on the right track if this is what they want to do. He has never stated that investors should put all of their money in Brazilian stocks, but he doesn’t believe that Americans should put all of their money into American stocks either.


To the contrary, what Igor Cornelsen believes is that investors should be mindful of the limitations they put on themselves when they only invest within their own country. He encourages any investor that is trying to build a well-rounded portfolio to consider the benefits of investing outside of their country. The reason for this has to do with the economy and the rate of return at certain times. At any given time, the economy in Brazil can be better than the economy that is unfolding in America. What this can result in is a higher return on investment. Investors that are trying to make the most of their money will definitely want to consider the possibilities that come with investing outside of America. This is not something that people can take lightly, however, because it requires some work.


Investors that are trying to build a solid portfolio will want to take the time to learn the culture of Brazil or whatever area outside of America that they’re planning to put their money into. Sometimes the index fun is the easiest way to ease into investments for another country. This gives you time to see if it is healthcare or technology stocks that are booming. You have the chance to pick between a plethora of different stocks and research the results. You can make better decisions on what you are investing in when you do the research yourself.

Flavio Maluf had no idea of what his business world wool resemble after finishing his education at the Fundacao Penteado University of Sao Paulo. During that time, business was never as usual. However, he wanted to become the best president in a Brazilian company. He attended the University with the primary aim of shaping his mind towards business and profitability. For this reason, he graduated with the highest honors in the Brazilian market of business and order. During that time, he was required to have more knowledge in the Brazilian market in a manner that is not paralleled in this industry.


Flavio Maluf went to the New York Business College to attend his training session for two years. He also worked hard to become the best business student in the college after attaining the minimum grade required to establish business capabilities. He was also given the necessary credentials to become the most influential business entity in Brazil. For over two years, he worked and studied in New York. He also gained enough experience to activate better business ideals. During that time, no one had better business capabilities than those who were associated with accredited business courses.


Flavio Maluf joined Eucatex Group of Companies. Because he was new in the company, he did not mind about commencing his experience by working in the trading department. For those who are associated with capabilities in the industry. For decades, he worked in the trading department to achieve better business ideas in the company. Flavio Maluf was recognized as the most influential business partner at the trading unit. During his time, the company started exporting most of its products to other parts of the world. For this reason, they ended up activating better business ideas.


During the 1990s, Brazil was going through major economic changes. A major economic crisis hit the country. During that time, commodity process shot up higher than ever. When the time came, he was appointed as president of Eucatex Group no one in the company was surprised about how he rose to the top. All workers in the company knew his special leadership abilities.

The Lime Crime is a cosmetics company specializing in “Unicorn Colors”. Bold, bright, statement making colors and products that are for today’s “Unicorn”, or someone who likes to change looks on a regular basis. The colors are anything but natural. Instead, they are bold, fun and dynamic.

Started by Doe Deere, the mission of the Lime Crime is to revolutionize makeup. They believe that everyone is unique and their look should make a statement as to who they are. Don’t let society dictate what you should wear on your face or you hair or what look you should achieve. She launched the company in 2008, creating a makeup like that matched her eccentric wardrobe. Growing up, Doe Deere always felt that she was different, but then realized that she had her own uniqueness and place in the world. It was that feeling that led to her creation.

The company believes that everyone should create a look based on their mood and who they are. It’s ok to be different! They sell colors and sparkles, and their products can be mixed or used individually. The sky is the limit when it comes to this makeup line. As always, the products are vegan and cruelty free.

The Lime Crime is a digitally native beauty brand that is quickly taking over the internet. They set trends with their over the top beauty ideas that other companies are quick to copy. If they dream it, and they are obsessed with it, they will make it! The company has products for lips, eyes, hair, face and nails. They also have money saving bundles so you can purchase more products and create even more unique looks. As they state on their website “The first rule is that there are no rules!” Have fun with it, and express your inner unicorn.

If you have decided that you would like to be self-employed, this is a huge step in your life. Going from working for an established business or company and being an employee to working for yourself can be a scary prospect. Here are some tips for making the transition easier and more comfortable for you and your family.


If you are thinking about starting a new business, make sure you first have a solid plan. You need to create a plan, and the fact of the matter is that you probably won’t use every part of your plan, but you need to do this step anyway. Creating a plan will help you work through exactly what you hope to achieve in your business or company.


In addition to creating a business plan, you need to have a financial plan. In other words, you need to make sure that you have enough funds to transition from being employed by another company or business to being self-employed. This can be difficult because your new business venture will likely suck a lot of your time, and you may be interested in quitting your other job before you actually should. It will be hard to juggle both your current job and your new business, but this is something that you should do. For some people, this can take several months, and for others it might take several years. Be patient, and again, have a plan.


Finally, know the best ways to save money on your business expenses. Don’t get an office space right away. Simply work from home. Don’t hire people right off the bat. Do everything yourself for as long as possible. By doing all of these things, you’ll create a good foundation for your new business and make your employment transition much easier.


When the average person, even relatively high-income people, think about retirement and how they will live during that period of their lives, they automatically think of Social Security.

However, according to David Giertz, President of Nationwide Financial Distributors, most financial advisors are not discussing the program with their clients. He spoke about this when interviewed by the Wall Street Journal’s Veronica Dagher, a columnist for the WSJ Wealth Adviser.

According to a survey his company did, four out of five people said they would change financial advisers if their advisers did not include Social Security.

However, according to the survey results, most advisers did not include the topic of Social Security at

Although many people also receive or will receive retirement pensions and many people have retirement savings accounts of various kinds, Social Security is still the broadest based financial support for people who have retired.

During the interview, David Giertz points out that it can provide up to 40% of somebody’s finances during their retirement years.

He does agree the program is complex. The Social Security Handbook has 2,700 rules on Vimeo. That’s a lot for financial advisers to digest and absorb. Therefore, advisers don’t feel confident they understand all the rules enough to advise clients concerning when to file for benefits.

However, it’s important because people who apply for early Social Security retirement benefits — which they can do from age 62 through their full retirement age — could lose up to $300,000 total over the next 25 years.

In his article published by LinkedIn, Giertz pointed out that 83% of retirees filed for early Social Security. They get up to 49% less than those who file late. Therefore, if someone can possibly wait, it’s to their longterm financial benefit to do so.

David Giertz has 31 years of experienced in the financial industry and advice industry. And he lives in the Columbus Ohio area

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