Month: August 2016

Michael Zomber: A Passionate Man Of History

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Michael Zomber is one of the people who is very passionate about preserving history. While people merely read about the ancient customs of old cultures, Michael collects a lot of ancient relics of older eras to go along with his studies. Among the historical cultures that he reads about, his favorite is Japan. He has…

WikiLeaks Says They Will Not Hack Trump’s Taxes

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WikiLeaks have definitely made their presence felt during the 2016 presidential election. The release of many emails and voicemails of Democratic National Committee members caused a stir that resulted in several key people resigning from their jobs. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has promised more important info about Hillary Clinton’s campaign will be released in due…

Microsoft Releases PowerShell as Open Source

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On Thursday, August 18th of 2016, Microsoft opened up the source code for its command-line system management program, PowerShell, making it available for download on GitHub under the MIT free software license. Since Windows XP, PowerShell has been the command-line shell used in Windows systems, having replaced the older cmd.exe used in the NT OSes,…

Jeep Cherokee Still Vulnerable to Hacking

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One of the major concerns when it comes to self-driving vehicles is that some hackers may be able to be thousands of miles away and still control where a car or truck is headed. In an effort to get make sure that such issues are addressed, two hackers actually showed how they were able to…

Programming the Internet of Things

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Some technology analysts believe that the Internet of Things (IoT) will develop at an even faster pace than the World Wide Web did in the late 20th century. A major factor that supports this belief is that more people will have entry-level tools for coding and development purposes. The IoT paradigm is supported by three…

New York City Apartment Prices Are More Expensive Than San Francisco Apartments These Days

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The price to rent an apartment in Greenwich Village in NYC is $2,270 per square foot. That is $1,000 higher than an apartment in the Pacific Heights area of San Francisco. For years, San Francisco real estate was higher than real estate in New York City, but something happened about two years ago. That something…

Andy Wirth: The Ironman of Tahoe

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Almost crowned the ‘mayor’ of Tahoe, Andy Wirth is a man whose shining credentials precede him. He is a pro cyclist, runner and triathlete, adding Sky Diving into his list of adrenaline-filled hobbies. But most importantly, he was recently appointed the president of Regional Air Service Corporation. Reshaping the Tahoe Economy RASC was formerly the…

Piracy: An Act Changing Before Law Enforcement’s Eyes

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Everybody understands that piracy is a serious offense punishable by fines and often jail time. Though people used to be able to commit this illegal action for years without being caught, the law usually always reigned supreme and these people were charged eventually. However, this usually only resulted because of the compliance of the Internet…

How You Can Use Web Programs to Launch a Coding Career

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Tech enthusiasts who wish to pursue a programming career need to have an understanding of the coding language. If you find yourself on this road, you are destined to learn many languages along the way. The coding language that you will end up learning greatly depends on what you wish to create. If you are…

How Does Kyle Bass Get Investment Advice Wrong?

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Kyle Bass has gotten a lot of investment advice wrong over the years because he just does not know how to talk to people on their level. He is someone who wants to make as much money as he can, but he is not thinking about the people that listen to him when he goes…

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