Month: September 2016

Firewall Companies Say NSA Vulnerabilities are Legit

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Cisco and Fortinet Say NSA Weaknesses are the Real Thing Being able to successfully hack a computer database, especially a major government database proves that technology in the wrong hands can be quite devastating. Recently, a group known as the Shadow Brokers decided to post tons of data on the internet this past weekend, after…

Enjoy True Happiness the Midas Legacy Way

Posted by in Money Management

You are the ruler of your kingdom just like Midas was the ruler of his in ancient Turkey. Yet, everything that you are touching is probably not turning to gold. A large part of the problem lies in the investment financial managers that you are trusting with your hard earned capital. After all, they get…

Little Girl Takes on the World in Her Chair, Thanks to Her Parents Perserverence

Posted by in Charity, News

At face 13 month old Evelyn Moore looks like a normal toddler, all smiles in her little pink shirt. But when this toddler was 4 months, her parents took her to the doctor and found a tumor. tragically, this little girl under went eight rounds of chemotherapy and incredibly she survived. Here’s there thing, due…

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

Posted by in Enjoying Panama

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a native of Venezuela who in Panama has become a household name. He is an entrepreneur holding positions in five different businesses. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa at present holds three different positions within these companies, Treasurer, Director and President. Figueroa is a mentor of young entrepreneurs in Panama helping them…

How Twitter Is Fighting Against Extremism On The Web

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Twitter is doing its part to combat terrorism. The social media company based out of San Francisco is working around the clock to suspend and block accounts that are promoting terrorism. Even accounts that celebrate terrorism are being banned. I believe that Twitter is taking the right approach. We should not allow people supporting terrorism…

New Game Face for Facebook

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Facebook users who have been with Facebook since its inception remember the days of Farmville, Criminal Case, Café World, and the like. I hardly remember a day when I didn’t receive an invitation to some game from somebody. However, since the rise of Steam, Facebook games have seen a decline. Steam is a cloud-like platform…

The Important Of Web Security For Small Business Owners

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The growth of online business has also spurred improvement in the quality of services offered by small business owners. As such, recent developments and new gadgets have allowed individuals and small businesses to compete with their larger counterparts. In recent years, one of the most innovative gadgets is WordPress, which allowed anyone to create websites…

Court Makes Surprise Ruling About IP Address Privacy

Posted by in IP Address Privacy, Piracy

The pirating of copyrighted materials has been going on since the internet first gained popularity. File sharing sites have long-since been targeted by law enforcement for their activities. Legal issues surrounding file downloads have taken some interesting twists and turns. Most recently, the Eastern Virginia District Court issued a decisions against BMG Right Management. BMG…

Stephen Murray Became Out Best Advocate For Investment

Posted by in CCMP Capital

We brought our business trust plan to Stephen Murray at CCMP Capital, and he talked to us about how he was working on a new kind of mutual fund that we might be interested. He was near the end of his career, and we knew that he was not feeling well. He took us in,…

George Soros Vows to Invest in Refugee Businesses

Posted by in Helping Migrants

George Soros is well known for being one of the most successful financial minds over the past 100 years. Soros has been the head of Soros Funds, a group of hedge funds that have a range of investment strategies, for the past 50 years. In his role as the top manager and spokesperson for the…

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