Month: October 2016

Jason Halperen Continues His Historic Real Estate Success

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Jason Halpern, the Principal and founder of JMH Development looks set to continue his impressive record of finding success in the real estate markets following impressive construction projects, including a beachfront hotel project in Miami Beach. Halpern and his JMH Development company have already developed a reputation for providing the best in historic real estate…

Verizon Threatens to Back Out of Yahoo Merger Deal Because of Email Hack

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Verizon is openly threatening to back out of its $4.83 billion deal with Yahoo, due to latter’s September announcement of a gigantic email hack that occurred nearly 2 years ago. According to Verizon’s general counsel, Craig Silliman, “…we have a reasonable basis to believe right now that the impact is material and we’re looking to Yahoo…

Adobe Flash Continues to Gasp Its Last Breath Years After Its Supposed Death

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Although technology experts have been telling computer users for years that Adobe’s Flash Player is an obsolete program facing decommission at any moment because of security vulnerabilities, users have proved them wrong again and again by turning to Flash over the HTML5 video player standard. Computer users with older systems often prefer Flash because their…

5 Reasons You Can’t Help But Like George Soros

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In 2004, George Soros cast a hard hit on the George W. Bush Campaign, donating over $27 million dollars to the Democratic party on Forbes. After a considerable hiatus, he has returned to the world of politics and donated over $25 million dollars to the Hillary Clinton campaign. Soros, who was born in Hungary, now…

Yahoo Prevented Users From Switching Email Service Providers

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It was a shocking revelation to Yahoo Mail users when Reuters revealed earlier this month that Yahoo likely created a program for the government that allowed the Federal Bureau of Investigation or the National Security Agency to read private information on millions of accounts from all incoming emails rather than a small selection of stored ones….

Worldwide Growth

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The business world can be a very treacherous place, especially when it comes to the cost of services and products, which take quite a deal out of the profit of a corporation. In order to try to make some head room and to promote more profit growth, Billy McFarland, a 23 year old entrepreneurial genius,…

New Payment Technology Could Replace Credit Cards

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Investment banking firm Morgan Stanley is very interested on a tech startup that is taking a different approach to the way consumer credit is used.   According to a recent report published by The Wall Street Journal, Morgan Stanley has extended a credit line to Affirm, an online lending system created by a co-founder of…

Goettl Air Conditioning acquires Moore

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The Goettl Air Conditioning has been a leader in offering HVAC services. The company left Nevada in 2008. Since then it has made massive steps towards growth. Under the new ownership of Ken Goodrich, the company has offered better and efficient services. Goettl made its way to acquiring Moore Air conditioning. The acquisition has given…

Who is Keith Mann?

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Keith Mann, entrepreneur and dynamo director of Dynamics Search Partners, is a New York wonder who many people can’t help but admire. With a company dedicated to helping kids succeed in their college and professional lives, it’s easy to see how this iconic powerhouse has become a near household name in the country. His goal,…

Jason Halpern’s JMH Development Gives Update On Aloft South Beach Project

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Jason Halpern is the Founder and Managing Partner of JHH Development. Halpern comes from a family with more than 30 years of constructing and managing different properties throughout New York. Halpern has unique development expertise that has allowed JMH to develop multiple innovative properties, including historically significant buildings. Halperns’s passion separates him from other developers….

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