Month: November 2016

Testing Wen Cleansing Conditioner For A Week

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Emily McClure, a hair stylist and beauty product enthusiast, decided to do a trial of Wen Cleansing Conditioner. She saw numerous advertisements for the product that said it would deliver healthier, cleaner and more shiny hair without the use of harsh chemicals. Here are the results of her trial. Right of that bat, Emily realized…

Vast Amounts of Savings

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Billy McFarland is a twenty three year old business world genius. This a rather bold statement, but one that makes complete sense once you discover what this great man has potentially done for the business community. According to Busines Insider, In his quest to bridge the gap between discounted prices and social media, Billy McFarland…

The Award-Winning Services Provided by Goettl Inc

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Goettl is a HVAC company which was founded by two brothers back in the late 1930’s. For the next eight decades, the company would withstand the test of time to emerge as one of the most accomplished heating ventilation air conditioning and cooling company in the US. Their exceptional customer service by their highly trained…

Dr. Clay Siegell And Seattle Genetics Making Strides In Research

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Seattle Genetics is making huge strides in the development of antibody-based cancer therapies. Under the leadership of founder and CEO Dr. Clay Siegall, the company that was built from scratch is now a powerhouse providing real help for cancer patients. Dr. Siegall says he’s always had a burning passion for research. “Finding therapies that are…

Six Energy-saving Tips: Goettl

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Heat is on, but you got to stay calm! During summer, owning an air conditioner in Phoenix is a necessity rather than a luxury. The degrees are expected to shoot drastically high, and only those who are prepared in advance will be comfortable with the temperatures increase. Ken Goodrich, the owner of Goettl Air Conditioning,…

Making Picks for the College Football Season

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The college football season is coming closer and closer towards wrapping up, which means there are a huge amount of college football teams fighting to make the playoffs, as well as wind up in major bowl games. The rankings continue to get shaken up and there is a huge amount of anticipation, in terms of…

Entrepreneurs Adam Goldenberg And Don Ressler: A Dynamic Duo

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Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are two of the hottest names in fashion. No they are not designers or models. Goldenberg and Ressler are the founders of two of the most popular and unique fashion companies, JustFab and Fabletics. But long before these two men started those groundbreaking companies, they formed several other companies that…

Soros Reacts with Preparation for Trump Presidency

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After realizing the inevitable situation of Donald J. Trump getting into the white house, as the Republican nominee has won the presidency and will be taking office early next year, George Soros has made moves to stop the advancements of Trump. It was a big shocker to the United States, as well as the rest…

Leading Apparel Company Fabletics

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Fabletics is an online apparel retail company that sells a number of athletic clothing items for women. With this retailer, consumers will be able to browse and purchase a number of athletic clothing items that will allow them to look good. They will also allow them to remain comfortable when exercising. The company was founded…

The Innovative Businesses Founded By Don Ressler

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In 2005, the News Corporation purchased Myspace for a total of $580.00 million dollars on Bloomberg. A few of the networks longest standing employees left the company. For a number of these employees, this has turned out to be an excellent decision. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler were two of those employees and they founded…

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