Month: February 2017

Beautiful Hair Awaits With Wen By Chaz Cleansing Conditioner

Posted by in Hair Care Products

Chaz Dean created Wen by Chaz, is a collection of hair care products designed to simplify the hair care routine while also protecting and beautifying the hair. The products have been around for a few years now, quickly rising to the top of the industry while surpassing expectations of countless users. Look at some of…

Google’s 2017 AI Plans for Pi Makers

Posted by in Google, Programming News, Raspberry Pi

Google is looking forward this year to expand the development tools available for the pioneers using the Raspberry Pi microprocessor to power their 2017 projects. The act will potentially offer software infrastructure for face and emotion recognition, speech to text translation, processing of natural language, analysis of sentiments and predictive analytics among many others.  …

The Impact of Yahoo’s Security Breach

Posted by in Web Security, Yahoo’s Security Breach

Yahoo recently announced that it had been hacked back in August 2013 and that the breach affected over 1 billion accounts. It has had two of the largest breaches in history, the second one having happened in 2014 and affecting about 500 million accounts. However, it assured its customers that no bank account information or…

Great Photo Location Recommendations from George Street Photos and Videos

Posted by in Wedding Locations

If you are thinking about getting married in San Antonio or San Diego, then there are some wonderful wedding photo locations that you will want to consider carefully. San Antonio Many couples choose to have their wedding photos taken at the Riverwalk or the Alamo, but there are other delightful locations to think about. The…

Future of Web Security: Firms Now Forced to Think Like Hackers

Posted by in Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), Hackers, Web Security

With new waves of DDoS attacks reported every day, and dozens of publications on the same, it has become eminent for companies to re-think their cyber security strategies.   Cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated as technology evolves. Recently, a luxury goods manufacturer went under attack from a phisher who stole employee finger-prints used as security…

App Infected With Ransomware Now Removed From Google Play

Posted by in Google, Google Play, Programming News

An app infected with the ransomware Charger made its way onto the Google Play Store, in a rare miss for Google. Now, however, that app has finally been caught and removed.   The malware came packaged with an app called EnergyRescue, which was billed as a battery saving app. This turned out to just be…

The Coding Languages in Web Programming and their Security

Posted by in Web Programming, Web Security

If anyone wants to venture into the business of Web creation, they should consider using an appropriate programming language. It is not an easy task to familiarize with software developing languages. However, mastering the appropriate language is useful so that one can know how secure it is. Some software are not secure and they could…

SpyNote RAT Masquerading as Netflix App

Posted by in Programming News, SpyNote Trojan

The SpyNote Trojan is one of the most effective trojans currently running rampant across the Android platform. Now, it’s gone a step further in a new version which tricks Android users into thinking it’s a Netflix app.   This is a new release of a trojan uncovered last summer by Palo Alto Networks on the…

Neil Diamond Prepares a Box Set for the 50th Anniversary

Posted by in Neil Diamond

The fifty-year-old artist, Neil Diamond will celebrate his 50th anniversary of his first hit song ‘solitary man’ with a box set of his entire career scheduled for March 31st. The collection of this anniversary will encompass a total of 50 tracks in three discs together with a booklet featuring new liner notes. Neil Diamond himself…

Dormant Twitter Botnet Uncovered By University College London

Posted by in Programming News, Web Security

University College London researchers have discovered a dormant Twitter botnet that could be woken at any moment and cause havoc on the popular social media network.   The Star Wars botnet as it’s been called, first uncovered previously in their research, has over 350,000 bot accounts and could be used to spam, send malicious links,…

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