Month: April 2017

Google’s Contest Reveals No Major Vulnerabilities For Android

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Every month, Google launches a series of security patches to solve all possible security flaws detected in the operating system by its own engineers and make it more secure and shielded from the threats that hide in the network . In addition, from time to time, it launches a series of contests and reward programs…

USCIS Releases New Guidelines for Programmers Using the H-1B Visa

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Programmers moving into the United States using the H-1B visas will have to look for other alternatives as the US Citizenship and Immigration Service has implemented new measures that will block them out. This follows some guidelines that were released on Friday last week. For skilled computer programmers, they will have to use temporary visas…

Apple Hackers are All Hype

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Despite claims that millions of iCloud accounts have been compromised Apple has told the media that no such attack occurred. Perhaps it was all an April Fool’s day prank or perhaps it reveals something a bit more sinister. In an era of fake news and questionable facts, it seems that hackers boost their image by…

Users Won’t See Captcha Anymore

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Signing into a website or making a payment online often requires the website user to prove they are not a robot. This is typically done through the use of Captcha inputs. Users have to solve puzzles, visual or auditory, to prove they are not an automated system attempting to game an automated system. However these…

What to Expect From Next-Generation Mobile-Security Features

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The ability to ensure that the data and account information stored within a smartphone tablet or other mobile device is able to be kept as secure as possible is never a consideration that should be taken lightly. Despite potential setbacks with the latest generation of security features, such as facial recognition, users may soon be…

The Delicious Colors of Lime Crime

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With the changing of seasons I have found Lime Crime to be the perfect colors for the perfect season. I got tired of using hair dyes with bleach and chemicals added into it. And I finally found that Lime Crime Unicorn colors is vegan. There is over 13 shades to chose from, that was the…

Online Threats to your Cyber Security

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Each day there are news flashes and catchy phrases that are often making it known to the public about the latest hacks or threats to our cyber security which seem to occupy our social media updates and television press circuits. While there may be many bad characters out there who are motivated on carrying malicious…

Google Develops an Invisible Google Security CAPTCHA for Users

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A website is a critical aspect of your business, and a slight security issue would lead to huge losses or a compromise on customer relationships. To deal with this problem, Google developed the CAPTCHA service back in the 1990’s to protect their users from any security issue or abuse by bots. CAPTCHA involves taking part…

Overview of Programming Languages in High Demand

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Marc Andreessen once declared that “Software is eating the world”. This means that there is a need for programmers to write the software. There are so many programming languages that exist in the world but some are far more popular than the rest. When a software company is looking to employ new employees, it will…

The Glowing Career Of Orthopedic Surgeon Greg Finch

Posted by in Orthopedic Surgeons

According to the NHS (National Health Service, UK), Orthopaedic Surgery is a branch of medical science that deals with medical issues associated with the musculoskeletal system of the body. Anyone suffering from a trauma injury, deformity of the limbs or long-term conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis requires the services of a qualified orthopedic surgeon. Joint…

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