Month: July 2017

CEO Bob Reina Talks About His Company, Talk Fusion.

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When you hear the name Bob Reina for the first time, you may wonder who in the world is Bob Reina and what makes everything he does so impressive? Mr. Reina is the CEO and Founder of a video marketing company called Talk Fusion. The very first product that Talk Fusion launched was video email…

David McDonald And OSI’s Group’s Global Growth

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As the President of OSI Group, David McDonald has played an integral role in their expansion and global success. He is known for his powerful determination and the importance that he places on the customer’s needs. The OSI Group goes above and beyond in order to be able to deliver the best products and services…

Imran Haque for 20 Years Now

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Imran Haque has been a practicing internist in North Carolina, in Asheboro. Having worked at several hospitals in the area now for 20 years. Representing those locations, his practice is well regarded for his specialty. Here are some more facts about Dr.Imran Haque.   He began at the Universidad of Lberoameria, where he studied and…

Mathew Autterson and his experience in Investment Management

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Investment management is described as the professional asset management of securities such as bonds and shares so as to meet specific investment goals for the investors benefit. Investors can be institutions such as corporations, charities, insurance companies, educational establishments and many others. The term “asset management” is mostly used in referring to investment management of…

A Comprehensive Review of White Shark Media

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***UPDATE*** July 21st, 2017– White Shark Media has just been reviewed on GRE Report. Learn more about ROI on advertisements by clicking this link. ***UPDATE*** June 14th, 2017– White Shark Media has just been featured on Check the link below for their best advice on Ecommerce strategies. White Shark Media is a premier provider…

Susan McGalla And Her Accomplishments

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Although corporate America has made substantial progress, it still continues to lag in numerous areas. To expound further, it oftentimes lacks the ability to accommodate minority groups and women. In spite of such challenges, women such as Susan McGalla continue to open doors for others. For those unaware, Susan McGalla remains a prominent figure in…

Cotemar – Highly Reliable Logistics and Support Services Provider in Oil and Energy Sector

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Cotemar is a logistics and support services provider to the oil and gas rigs offshore. It is a hundred percent Mexican company that recruits over 8,000 employees and is known to be one of the best companies to work in Mexico. Petroleos Mexicanos is the biggest client of Cotemar to whom it has been providing…

More Lessons on CBE with Ricardo Tosto

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The CBE deadline for the annual declaration on capitals ended on 5th April. It is however important for individuals to be knowledgeable about the quarterly statements that have been covered over the financial year. This is primarily because CBB also known as the Central Bank of Brazil has non-deliveries on the set dates. There are…

Greg Secker, the Forex Trading Guru

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Greg Seckerdeveloped a keen interest in financial trading during his time at Thomas Cook Financial Services, where he got to spend a lot of time around expert financial traders and learn from them. He helped develop the program that the first online forex trading platform was built on. It was while he was at this…

Edward Honig Dedicates His Life To Literally Saving Hearts

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Updated on July 10th, 2017: Edward Honig wrote a great piece on healthcare when you’re traveling. Perfect read for anybody about to take a summer trip, or that’s just curious about the protocol of traveling abroad with a health problem. The hospital scene isn’t always the same everywhere around the world, so it’s important to…

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