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Mark Sparks Beleives The Success Of A Business Is Partially Dependant On The Work Environment

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Marc Sparks has kept his office for Timber Creek Capital in the same location for more than a decade. He decided it was time for a change and relocated the office to a new location he feels is more optimized and conductive to startups. He believes to build a successful business you must have the…

The Stock-Based Compensation Plan with Jeremy Goldstein

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Recently, stock options have become rifer in business utilization as a way of incentivizing workers with compensation tied to the performance of the entity. Generally, options present a profoundly stronger appeal to both the employee and their employer or the management of a firm. The principle pushing forward this mode of compensation is easy and…

Dr. Imran Haque Bringing a Unique Touch to Internal Medicine

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Sadly, new ailments seem to emerge, owing its eminent “success” to human lifestyles we practice every day. Lucky enough for us, the medical world is advancing every second with new invention son cure and other preventions being made day by day. Medical practitioners globally have also strived hard to ensure that people live disease-free lives….

Richard Mishaan an A-List Designer

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Richard Mishaan was born and raised in Columbia. Mishaan was educated at New York University where he earned his BA degree. Richard Mishaan attended Columbia School of Architecture when he left to apprentice for Phillip Johnson. By 1991, Richard Mishaan founded Richard Mishaan Design. In 1997, Mishaan founded Homer Design. In 2014, Richard Mishaan had…

Expansion of Mexican Media and Asserting Dominance the Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero Way

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     With the advancement of technology in the world, many experts had suggested that the traditional media such as TV, newspapers and Radio would be a thing of the past. However, traditional media still thrives but with some incorporation of digital avenues in their offering. That said, there are many media companies in Mexico that…

Gregory Aziz, the man behind National Steel Car in Canada

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Behind any successful company lies a competent leader, and so is Gregory Aziz at National Steel Car. He is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the National Steel Company. The company boasts over 100 year’s reputation in engineering and manufacturing industry. In fact, the company is one of the leading railroad freight and tank…

Women embracing leadership

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In 2013, women held only 4.6 percent of the Fortune 1000 CEO positions. During the same period, only 19 women held high electorate offices as prime ministers and presidents around the world. This shows how gender diversity continues to remain a highly contentious debate in leadership roles. One of the few women who has defied…

Modeling with The Brown Agency

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The Brown Agency is one of the two largest talent agencies in Austin and has been one of the most respected agencies since its launch in 2010. Two companies are responsible for The Brown Agency’s success because of their variety in talent within the company. They offer clients experience as well as acting and modeling…

Rocketship Education

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Rocketship Education is a California based charter school that opened in 2007. This charter school has gained national recognition due to its strong student test scores and a blended learning approach. It’s teaching model combines both traditional and computer-aided instruction. Accordingly, the school heavily depends on technology to sustain its excellent test scores as well…

The Life And Works Of Vijay Eswaran

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Vijay Eswaran is a Malaysian businessman who was born in Penang in October of 1960. He is the Executive Chairman of the QI Group which is headquartered in Hong Kong. His parents were a teacher and an employee of the Malaysian Ministry of Labour. He moved around Malaysia a lot during his childhood due to…

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