Month: September 2017

Dr. Imran Haque: A Look at Diabetes and How to Manage it

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Dr. Imran Haque is an internal medicine professional based in Asheboro, North Carolina. He has over 15 years practicing medicine, and he has specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes, epilepsy, glaucoma, and pneumonia among other diseases. Dr. Haque is licensed to practice medicine in North Carolina. He has a private practice, Horizon Internal…

Guidance for Financial Advice for Retirement

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You’ve been working hard your entire life. Your chosen profession was one that you served at with pride. When it’s time to retire, you should have the money to do so comfortably. While you might be a complete genius at your profession, you might not know about how to take that extra money that you…

The Impressive Eric Pulier

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Eric Pulier was raised in Teaneck, New Jersey and started programming computers when he was in the 4th grade. He was able to accomplish this by reading many different books and manuals about the IT field. He ended up experimenting and building his first computer that worked exactly how a computer should. Since his first…

Norman Pattiz Announces the Return of Norman Lear

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Norman Lear, a World War II veteran, producer, director, writer and creator of renowned sitcoms is back on the microphone. Lear is well known for producing legendary sitcoms including Maude, The Jeffersons, All in the Family and One day at a Time among many others. His comeback was announced by Norman Pattiz, the founder and…

Susan McGalla A Leader To Women Everywhere

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Susan McGalla is a woman who was born in 1964 and raised in East Liverpool, Ohio. Susan has two brothers that she grew up whom of which are both older than she is. Her father was a very hard-working man who was the coach of a local football team as she was growing up. Her…

How Aloha Construction Provides Their Customers A High-Quality Job

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Aloha Construction, Inc. is an Illinois-based roofing and siding company who also provides it products and services to those in southern Wisconsin. They have successfully completed over 7,000 projects for homeowners since they were founded. The entire team of Aloha Construction is involved with projects which can include installers, inspectors, and field supervisors. It also…

Contribution of Rick Smith in Securus Technologies

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Contribution of Rick Smith in Securus Technologies Rick Smith is the chief executive of Securus Technologies. He was appointed in 2008. Many individuals believe that Rick Smith fits in the position because of his experience, drive, and focus. Rick Smith has a strong educational and experience background. He went to Rochester Institute of Technology and…

The Business Administration Expertise of Gregory James Aziz

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Gregory James Aziz is a well-established entrepreneur who is recognized for the role that he has played in the growth of National Steel Car. He owns that enterprise and is also its CEO and president. National Steel Car is renowned for its expertise in the manufacture of railroad freight cars, and its target market is…

Defending the First Amendment

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The public needs to know, and the public has a right to know. The public has a right to expression, and the public has a right to privacy. Grand jury laws may bar some individuals and institutions from dispersing some information, and there limit the public’s right to know. However, such a limitation is a…

OCC Set to Receive a Modern Planetarium

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Orange Coast College (OCC) last year embarked on an ambitious mission to upgrade its planetarium. The old planetarium, which was constructed in the 1950s, was pulled down to give room for the construction of the modern one at the cost of $20 million. Recently, Mary McChesney—a retired professor—donated $1 million towards the project. Her donation…

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