Month: November 2017

Keeping Yourself Safe Online During the Holidays

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When it comes to using the internet, it is common to use it the most during the holiday season. Whether you are looking items up online that you’d like to purchase or you’re looking to place orders, it’s imperative that you keep yourself as safe as possible on the internet. This is crucial when you…

This Is Why Companies Are Using Blockchain Technology

Posted by in Blockchain Technology, Web Security

Various data breaches have been in the news recently. Specifically, there was a major data breach at Equifax, which may have affected one hundred and forty-three million Americans. Target also dealt with a data breach of their own. Other chains and ecommerce stores have faced various data breaches. To combat this, many are turning to…

How to Stay Safe From Free iPhone Scams

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The new iPhone is coming out, and it is important that you protect yourself by avoiding any free iPhone scams, which are now all over the internet on sites such as Facebook. For example, there are many Facebook groups where users post offers for free iPhones. To get the free iPhone, you need to enter…

Paul Mampilly Provides an Expert’s Analysis on Hot Stock Trends

Posted by in Entrepreneur, Financial Investment

Paul Mampilly has enjoyed the pinnacle of success with an enviable career on Wall Street where he expertly invested millions of dollars as a hedge fund manager. His latest endeavor seeks to help ordinary investors by providing them with an opportunity to access his stock-picking skills. Nearly two-thirds of Americans have their money in savings…

How Data Breach Protection Can Help Companies

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According to TechCrunch, it is no longer just enough for companies to use protective measures to protect their data from breaches. This is because as hackers become more sophisticated, it gets harder and harder to stop them. Your next step should be installing data breach detection. This will detect if a breach is occurring, and…

Michel Terpin- Conquring roads in Brazil

Posted by in Sports

Michel Terpins keeps on doing what he specializes in, and rallying is his passion. It was obvious in the 24th version of the Sertões Rally where regardless of not having his standard accomplice for the sake of partner and sibling Rodrigo Terpins who together they go after the Bull Sertões Rally Team in the T1…

Different Companies Will Require Different Levels of Cybersecurity

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According to Forbes, there are three kinds of cybersecurity needs of companies. The first is what Forbes calls the security unready. These companies are usually smaller companies, and they have not done any preparation for security threats. They have not installed any measures, they do not have any security professionals on their team, and they…

How Pixie Can Help Secure Your Online Accounts

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Two-factor authentication is a popular way to make sure that your devices and accounts are protected from hackers. The way it works is that when you want to sign in to your account on a new device, you need to first get an authentication code sent to your mobile phone or your email address, and…

Facebook Is Now Testing A Facial Recognition Feature

Posted by in Facebook, Facial Recognition Feature, Technology

Facebook is now testing a feature that will let users sign in by using facial recognition. This may be used as an option in addition to two-factor authentication, which makes users enter a code that was sent via text message to their phones in order to access their accounts. With the facial recognition feature, users…

Bright Hopes

Posted by in Business, Successful Company

Securus Securus Technologies, proudly headquartered in the heart and soul of downtown Dallas, is a proud for-profit business technology company of many years, and it’s future has never looked brighter, especially considering that it is run by some of the best people in the business altogether – innovative leaders with bright hopes for a better…

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