Month: December 2017

Expert Gives Advice on Web Security During the Holiday Season

Posted by in Web Programming, Web Security, Web Security Procedures

The holiday season is now approaching. Many people will be shopping online. When you shop online, there are certain web security and cybersecurity issues you should know about. You have to be careful about your activities online so that you and your personal information stay safe. Security experts are advising that you keep your software…

White House Mulls Cell Phone Ban to Improve Web Security

Posted by in Cyber Security, Web Security

The White House is considering banning its staff members from using cell phones at work. This is to improve cybersecurity and web security. This new move does not have anything to do with press leaks. Instead, it is solely about network security in the White House. Personal phones that are owned by staff members are…

Amazon Announces the Release of Sumerian

Posted by in Amazon, Sumerian

Developing augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and 3D apps has always been a time consuming process, but Amazon hopes to change this with the release of Sumerian. Announced at the Midnight Madness event that kicked off AWS re:Invent, Sumerian is a free service for building mixed reality (AR and VR) and 3D apps. Since…

Paul Mampilly Reports that Bill Gates Made an $800 Million Investment in IoT Technology

Posted by in Businessman, Investor

Paul Mampilly is a successful American investor/adviser who now helps others to build their wealth with his advisory services. He has a great depth of experience in finance and investing that Paul Mampilly uses to make his recommendations. He has an uncanny ability to pick stocks of companies that bring disruptive technologies to the marketplace,…

Trend Micro Reveals Flaws In Web Security In Europe

Posted by in Trend Micro, Web Security

A report by security firm Trend Micro found that there are millions of vulnerable and insecure devices in European cities. In Berlin alone, there are 2.8 million insecure devices. In London, there are 2.5 million insecure devices. The researchers used Shodan, which is a search engine that lets you find devices that are connected to…

The Success Journey of Dr. Imran Haque

Posted by in Doctors

Our health is our greatest asset. This is because, without proper healthcare, there is no way you can complete your daily work. Despite the care we take, we still fall ill. With the large pool of health care centers, it might be hard to decide on the most favorable one. The people of Asheboro, North…

Three-Year-Old Imgur Hack Discovered

Posted by in Data Breach, Hack, Hackers

Popular image sharing site Imgur recently recognized that it suffered a security breach that compromised around 1.7 million of its users’ emails and passwords in 2014. The massive image sharing site, home to a large community of internet users focused on internet memes and culture, released a statement on their blog outlining the details of…

The Incredible Mighty Fortress Church

Posted by in Churches

Being close to God is a primary role of Christians. Nowadays churches are beautiful and welcoming for everyone. Minnesota is a state that is packed with various beautiful churches. Just to discuss a few: Church of St. Columba, St. Paul Church of St. Columba is a lovely church located in the residential area of St….

Federal Judge Rules That Military Should Implement the Plan to Allow Transgender Recruits

Posted by in Transgender Recruits

Two early injunctions in DC and Maryland were challenging Trump’s order to overturn the Obama-era policies that were meant to allow transgender recruits in the military. A ruling issued by federal judge clarified that the military should move forward with the plan to allow transgender recruits that was scheduled to start on Jan 1, 2018….

What Does a Cyber Security Professional Need to Know?

Posted by in Cyber Security, Cyber Security Professional, Cyber Security Skills

Over the years, there has been a huge debate on what should be taught in cybersecurity courses. Many beginners often wonder whether the classes teach coding skills such as Python, and C#. In reality, such skills are not normally taught in such a course. There is a need to understand that the cybersecurity profession by…

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