4th largest bank in Dallas

Founded by James Dondero in 1922, NexBank has Its headquarters is in Dallas, Texas. As of March 31, 2017, NexBank had 5.3 billion dollars in assets. The service they operate includes commercial banking, mortgage banking, and institutional services to clients as well as larger corporations. Besides, investors in real estates, and middle-market companies.

The leadership and commitment of the industry strive to deliver unique and quality services. They have managed to provide clients with unrivaled accessibility to clean and custom-tailored solutions delivered by highly experienced and qualified professionals with tested and proven records of success.

Since the bank received its charter dating back to 1922, It has continually provided a wide range of products and services that meet short and long-term demands to clients. Professionals assist clients in maximizing cash flow, management of liquidity and creating complex financing structures. They have enabled the expansion initiatives that promote efficient and easier environment to conduct business.

For major mortgage brokers, NexBank provides a competitive pricing to both wholesale and channels of correspondents as well as lines of warehouse meant for credit. A strong understanding of the market environment and issues surrounding it, the professionals take timely and calculated action that ensures attainment of success. Also, they partner with clients thus providing constant capital for mortgage banking needs.

The partnership with institutions is used to determine the best approach for a unique banking need. The depository services offered to assist clients to manage their cash position effectively to optimize earnings on interests from idle deposits.

As a matter of fact, NexBank is the 4th largest bank in Dallas, Texas and 13th largest in the state of Texas. The legal lending limit they operate on is 101 million dollars with syndication abilities for more significant transactions. Besides, the Mortgage Banking volume reached $1.0 billion within the first three months of 2017.

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