Anthony Toma and Nine9

Anthony Toma founded the UnAgency he calls Nine9 in 2003. He is the CEO and is revolutionizing the way actors and models are represented in the entertainment field. Anthony Toma is a diverse and successful entrepreneur who has worked in many industries and looks forward to what the future has to bring for Nine9. Read More about Nine9 .

Starting out his talent agency as a franchisee and ending up an owner has been a lesson in decision making for Anthony Roma. One thing he is proud of is his undeniable urge to succeed. “Failing is one thing, being a failure is another.” He believes in dreams and trying new things in order to make them come true. Nine9 Reviews Here .

Nine9 talent agency which represents actors and models that aren’t always taken in by a reputable agency which will support their careers. At Nine9 there are an enthusiastic group of hard-working individuals who care about the talented men and women they work with. Regular bookings and castings are made for them within the TV and film industry, as well as, runway and print, music videos, and many others. Nine9 at Instagram .

Industry clients can depend on the detailed, and searchable database available, which offers a multitude of talented and ambitious people to choose from. Nine9 believes in a team atmosphere of dedication and respect from both the talent and industry clients they work with in order to succeed. All of the major markets are currently being represented across the Nation. Nine9 is accepting applications from people with talent and the necessary ambition to go along with it.

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