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Women embracing leadership

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In 2013, women held only 4.6 percent of the Fortune 1000 CEO positions. During the same period, only 19 women held high electorate offices as prime ministers and presidents around the world. This shows how gender diversity continues to remain a highly contentious debate in leadership roles. One of the few women who has defied…

Rocketship Education

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Rocketship Education is a California based charter school that opened in 2007. This charter school has gained national recognition due to its strong student test scores and a blended learning approach. It’s teaching model combines both traditional and computer-aided instruction. Accordingly, the school heavily depends on technology to sustain its excellent test scores as well…

The Life And Works Of Vijay Eswaran

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Vijay Eswaran is a Malaysian businessman who was born in Penang in October of 1960. He is the Executive Chairman of the QI Group which is headquartered in Hong Kong. His parents were a teacher and an employee of the Malaysian Ministry of Labour. He moved around Malaysia a lot during his childhood due to…

Why Rick Smith’s Company, Securus, is Growing

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In an industry that is ever-changing and can be difficult for some companies to be able to stay stable with, it is important that the CEO of a prison industry business be able to try different things so that they will be able to do more than what they had in the past. Rick Smith…

The Latest In Malware Is Cheap And Infecting Computers At A Fast Rate

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One of the latest dangers to web security is Malware with the ability to steal passwords. The Malware is spreading quickly due to the extremely low pricing. The software is not sophisticated but it is effective and the sale price is ridiculously low. The name of the software is Ovidiy Stealer and it is being…

The Rate of Data Breaches Is Higher Than Last Year

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The fight against data breaches is not going well. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center and CyberScout and Your text to link…, the rate of data breaches has increased by 29 percent. This center defines a data breach as being when a driver’s license number, a Social Security number, a medical record and a…

The Aftershock Of Losing Net Neutrality

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Details regarding new sentiments on this topic report that up to 4 times the available funds have gone into appointing lawmakers against Obama’s Open Internet Policies. Associates of organizations in favor of restricting Net Neutrality, remain supportive through campaigning exercises, which have already raised moneys for rivals of internet fairness, well into the $19 million…

Marc Sparks: Iconic Business Success

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Marc Spark’s story is about huge dreams and stripped down progress. His prosperity and accomplishments originated from staying positive amid the hardest of times and a unimaginably solid confidence in God. He devoted himself completely to the universe of business with just a secondary school confirmation he earned in 1975 while living in Austin, Texas….

Dr. Scott Rocklage’s Path to a Successful Healthcare Executive

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UPDATE August 7th Scott Rocklage role in life science success Scott Rocklage is a 60-year old doctor and business leader. He is the most sought-after scientist working in biochemical studies and entrepreneurship. He is currently serving as the managing partner of 5AM Ventures; a company that specializes in investment capital especially on study towards life…

The Significant Benefits of Email Notifications to our Lives

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Cloud services have successfully brought human customers closer to their digital brands. Thus, companies can now reach their customers easily using a broad collection of low-cost and easy-to-use tactics. Email notification is an example of a cloud-based tool that has enabled companies to establish invaluable customer loyalty at a lower cost. Further, email notifications are…

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