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How Dick Devos Has Achieved Perfection In Philanthropy

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Dick DeVos is an American businessman who has also been supporting philanthropy through his career as an entrepreneur. In an interview, he explains that one of the reasons he has been so energetic and focused on giving back to the society is the optimism that something positive will come out of the effort he puts…

Dr. Mark McKenna; the CEO of OVME

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There are few Doctors licensed by Georgia and Florida State Board of Medical Examiners. Dr. Mark McKenna is one of the doctors authorized by the board and his experience in surgery and medicine is unmatched. He is also an entrepreneur who developed an interest in real estate a long time ago. He has always worked…

NewsWatch TV, Bringing You The Latest in Tech Review

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NewsWatch is a network television program that started in 1990. Over the years, it has become the go-to program for the latest in technology reviews as well as consumer stories in the technological market. The show can be seen on both AMC and Ion Television. NewsWatch TV provides consumers with tech reviews of the latest…

Getting Up, Close, and Personal with Dr. Imran Haque of Horizon Internal Medicine

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Dr. Imran is a qualified medical practitioner who is licensed to ply his trade in North Carolina. His clinic, Horizon Internal Medicine, is based in Asheboro. For 15 years now, Imran Haque has cultivated a good reputation within the medical industry and is seen by many as an authority for as far as internal medicine…

Avaaz Civic Organization

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Avaaz was launched in 2007. It is a US-based civic organization dedicated to bringing together people of the world to narrow the difference that exists, of the world that we are living in and also the world that we all want. It has had ten years of successful unification of global citizens and has been…

George Soros: Chairman and Founder of the Open Society Foundations

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George Soros is one of the richest people in the world. In fact, he is more than $24 billion worth of money. George Soros has amassed a great amount of his wealth from the risky currency trades. For over three decades of professional experience, George Soros has worked towards developing a platform that attains the…

Life Line Screening keeping customers on top of their health

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Lifeline Screenings is the leading provider of community-based preventive health screenings in the United States. Many health problems go unrecognized and may need to be diagnosed early before it is time for your next visit with your primary physician. Lifeline Screenings uses ultrasound equipment that is well advanced. They also use highly trained healthcare professionals….

Avaaz| How it is Unique from other Global Civil Society Organizations

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Since 2007, Avaaz has consistently gained popularity in global activism circles. The United States-based progressive NGO advocates for international activism on various issues including conflict, poverty, animal rights, climate change, human rights, and corruption. In fact, according to The Guardian, Avaaz is the most influential and largest online activist tool/network today. The name Avaaz translates…

Aloha Construction: From One Family To Another

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Aloha Construction is a family operated and owned company whose goal is to serve families in more ways than one. With main principles like, professionalism, fairness and honesty – not only does the company successfully complete all of your construction services and needs, but Aloha Construction also aids families through charitable efforts every year. David…

Traveling Vineyard Is Helping Women To Make Extra Income While Enjoying Quality Wine with Friends

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Good wine, friends, and great conversations are a natural fit. This combination will lift the mood of even the dullest person ever. So what about being paid to enjoy all the three? Traveling Vineyard provides women with the opportunity to make money while enjoying quality wine with friends. These women work as the company’s wine…

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