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In Pursuit of Excellence: Maggie Gill–Memorial CEO is Moving Forward to Pursue a New Professional Direction:

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Maggie Gill, the CEO of MUMC, in Savannah, Georgia, recently surprised Board Members, announcing her decision to depart friendly ways, with MUMC, in order to pursue other professional interests and opportunities. The engaging and popular CEO has made quite a positive impact on MUMC (Memorial University Medical Center), during her successful tenure, at the quality…

The Capital Group Helps People Reach Their Investment Goals

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In the world today, there are a variety of ways for people to make investments. The traditional way of going to an investment company is still one of the most utilized ways but other options are now available to the public. The main reason behind the increase options for people regarding investing is technology. The…

Coach Yanni Hufnagel Works To Change Jewish Sports Stigma

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It’s not insensitive, it’s just plain true that one of the last people groups closely associated with higher division and professional basketball, is the Jewish community. One coach however, has shown the potential to alter this. Yanni Hufnagel, an assistant coach for the Nevada Wolf Pack, has exhibited the organizational and recruitment skills to quickly…

Google Increases Security Measures

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One of the most important and sensitive aspects of any website, mobile application, or any other Internet-based application is web security. In recent news (, Internet giant Google unveiled features that will ensure its users receive the highest security measures in its newest product.   Within the next few months Google will be releasing the…


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Born and brought up in Texas, McWilliams is a renown philanthropist, lobbyist and political fundraiser who currently resides in Old Enfield. She lives with her husband, Dean and their three children in a historic home. Andrea McWilliams is well known for her keen attention to details, and has unending interest in art. Whatever issue she…

Dr. Scott Rocklage’s Path to a Successful Healthcare Executive

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Dr. Scott Rocklage has amassed over 30 years’ experience in healthcare management. His success in the chemical industry is mainly backed by his strong academic background and leadership abilities. Dr. Rocklage attained his B.S. in chemistry undergraduate degree from the University of California, Berkeley. He also holds a Ph.D. in chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute…

Beautiful Hair Awaits With Wen By Chaz Cleansing Conditioner

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Chaz Dean created Wen by Chaz, is a collection of hair care products designed to simplify the hair care routine while also protecting and beautifying the hair. The products have been around for a few years now, quickly rising to the top of the industry while surpassing expectations of countless users. Look at some of…

Google’s 2017 AI Plans for Pi Makers

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Google is looking forward this year to expand the development tools available for the pioneers using the Raspberry Pi microprocessor to power their 2017 projects. The act will potentially offer software infrastructure for face and emotion recognition, speech to text translation, processing of natural language, analysis of sentiments and predictive analytics among many others.  …

The Impact of Yahoo’s Security Breach

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Yahoo recently announced that it had been hacked back in August 2013 and that the breach affected over 1 billion accounts. It has had two of the largest breaches in history, the second one having happened in 2014 and affecting about 500 million accounts. However, it assured its customers that no bank account information or…

Great Photo Location Recommendations from George Street Photos and Videos

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If you are thinking about getting married in San Antonio or San Diego, then there are some wonderful wedding photo locations that you will want to consider carefully. San Antonio Many couples choose to have their wedding photos taken at the Riverwalk or the Alamo, but there are other delightful locations to think about. The…

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