Avaaz| How it is Unique from other Global Civil Society Organizations

Since 2007, Avaaz has consistently gained popularity in global activism circles. The United States-based progressive NGO advocates for international activism on various issues including conflict, poverty, animal rights, climate change, human rights, and corruption. In fact, according to The Guardian, Avaaz is the most influential and largest online activist tool/network today.

The name Avaaz translates to voice in several Asian, European and Middle Eastern languages. Avaaz has made a name for itself through empowering millions of individuals around the world to take action on regional, national and global pressing issues. It achieves this feat through its impressive model of Internet organizing. As such, thousands of small individual activist efforts rapidly combine to form a single but powerful collective force and more

Why Avaaz is Different

How Avaaz Works

On a yearly basis, Avaaz sets its overall priorities by using all-member polls. In this case, campaign ideas are not only polled but also evaluated each week to 10,000 random member samples. Additionally, the Avaaz staff composes compelling email alerts to the organization’s’ community in a bid to allow them to decide whether they should participate or not. For this reason, Avaaz campaigns are based on such a decision.

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