Basic Computer Security Can Save a Small Business

Not much has changed with cyber attacks to small businesses over the past year. Even though most attacks can be easily prevented with a small amount of knowledge and hardening of the personal computers in businesses, the number of small businesses attacked is still very high. Small business owners still have no clear picture of how to prevent cyber attacks, so they protect their business with an anti-virus program and hope.


According to Verizon’s annual data breach report, as summarized by Shaun Waterman

from, business owners make it too easy for an attacker to walk in and steal company data, or infect the network in a way that disrupts normal business, costing businesses thousands. Office workers are uneducated on proper password policies and prevention of attacks like social engineering scams.


Simple malware scans could detect and remove malicious software silently working in the background of a business computer. This malware, if undetected can stay for years sending employee information, customer information and secret company information to attackers, and from them to the competitor.


Criminals no longer need to be computer savvy, evil geniuses either. A large amount of free hacking tools have flooded the internet so that anyone, even a child, could install a tool and begin finding machines to exploit within minutes. All of this, without any prior IT knowledge.


Verizon tells consumers with their annual Data Breach Investigations Report that security is everyone’s responsibility and should not just be the problem of a security professional. Users need to take more action to defend precious company assets and close open doors leading right into their network. What is required are basic security principles anyone can manage. By just doing the small things, a hacker’s tool will skip over a small business and move on to the next easier one.


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