Blockchain technology to fight cybercrime and ensure future security

Professionals in the security world were recently taken abuzz by the allegations that Kaspersky Labs together with Russian operatives were involved in a theft of sensitive files from the NSA. Reports from reputable sources such as the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post revealed details of how the leak came from an independent NSA contractor. The contractor stole sensitive files and stored them on his home computer which happened to be running Kaspersky antivirus. US agencies have since then uninstalled the software and seized using it.

The problem

Cybercrime and cybersecurity are nowadays a constant issue in our news today with the threat seeming to increase by the day. Major security firms and government departments have intensified the fight against cybercrime. They have gone ahead to implement new and advanced technology to fight the menace. The global losses on cybercrime are extremely high; electronic leak of data standing at $1.9 million, malware and viruses standing at $2.2 million. Because old and seemingly obsolete technology has failed which is evidenced by rampant breaches, blockchain technology is trying to step up and address the issue.

Enter blockchain technology

Companies such as Gladius and Confideal are leveraging the decentralization of platforms that deliver trust. The blockchain platforms are not controlled in a singular entity it is able to ease the concerns raised in recent attacks. The technology has evolved from recordkeeping and cryptocurrency processing to mitigation of DDoS attacks. Blockchain’s distributed network is the key since it is able to build comprehensive networks that will deliver decentralized web performance and security service matrices that have not been seen before.
Encryption is blockchains forte, and the companies pioneering this new technology and its application to fighting cybercrime have this at heart. They want to provide a service that is fast, reliable, secure and most importantly trusted.

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