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Securus Technologies, proudly headquartered in the heart and soul of downtown Dallas, is a proud for-profit business technology company of many years, and it’s future has never looked brighter, especially considering that it is run by some of the best people in the business altogether – innovative leaders with bright hopes for a better future. Among these leaders stands Richard A. Smith, the CEO since June 23, 2008. He and Securus are featured in many recent news articles and on social media platforms like Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Crunch Base.

More About Securus and What Its Leaders Stand for

Smith ensures that all operations at Securus run both as smoothly and as efficiently as possible, but what does this necessarily mean, “in layman’s terms” as they say? Well, for one, since Securus has business contracts with nearly 3,000 public and private entities every year, it’s important to crack the whip on safety and productivity every now and then. These are, after all, mainly correctional facilities and therefore require a more serious nature of business as well. Smith proudly oversees all such operations down to the most minute detail while also ensuring that the company continues to employ within its scope and budget, which are approximately 1,000 people per year into entry-level positions with a few more moving up within the company. As you can derive, Smith must have his hands quite full indeed, but he does not let that get him down or sap his energy; I have, in fact, never read about a leader with such a stamina and a level of patience for such a difficult industry – the inmate communications industry.

Number One in Inmate Communications Businesses and Plans for More to Come – Stay Tuned

Also, Smith’s company has recently attributed more than $600 million into funding for newer technologies, acquisitions and licensed patents for use within the next half decade. We’ll see more in the months to come, so continue to check back on Rick Smith Securus later this year. Did you know that Securus also stands as one of the – if not the most – successful businesses in the inmate telecommunications industry as a whole? The facts don’t lie: 2015 was a year of a good start for breaking ground and improving past call services and records like never before. According to Smith, that was only the first step forward into far greater things: He invites all to stay updated; may Securus surprise us.

Richard’s Education History

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