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Success is an Uphill Task as per Nick Vertucci

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In Nick Vertucci’s words, one’s past has nothing to do with their future. In other words, the problems that one faces in life should not make them remain unsuccessful. Rather, they should beat the odds, pick themselves up and rise to the top. Although Nick Vertucci grew up in a happy family, they were not…

An Initiative Lead by Felipe Montoro Jens That will Change Brazil

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According to Felipe Montoro, who is specialized in infrastructure projects, said that that the government was going to make concessions by partnering with BNDES (National Bank of Economic and Social Development). Felipe Montero, the leader of the initiative, pointed out how loss of water has caused the flow of financial resources from state-owned companies in…

Igor Cornelsen Describes Four Key Things To Know Before You Invest In The Stock Market

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Igor Cornelsen is a highly regarded stock market trader who specializes in trading stocks in the Brazilian markets. Mr. Cornelsen also consulted for Brazilian banking institutions. He now serves as the director of Bainbridge Group Inc., which is an offshore investment management fund. Below you will find Igor Cornelsen’s four tips to know before putting…

Igor Cornelsen: Experienced Investor and Investment Consultant

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When opting for an investment tool, it is advisable to seek advice from qualified and experienced investment advisors. Such professionals have deep insight on industry trends. Their industry knowledge and grasp of due diligence procedures and market analysis and research skills increase the chances of success and returns on investment vehicle of choice. However, most…

Redefining Sustainable Productivity

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Supply chain management is an important component of business strategy especially for manufacturers. Lack of effective supply management and logistics practices can lead to grounding of company operations and in some cases, legal disputes. To overcome these challenges inherent in using distributors and suppliers and other stakeholders along the supply chain to receive its raw…

Investing the Igor Cornelsen Way

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Igor Cornelsen is a powerful investor that has used his time wisely. He has become a leader in the investment industry, and he knows a lot about investing in Brazil. He can tell investors about this area because this is where he has lived for a large portion of his life. He has become someone…

Brazilian Eucalyptus Tree Success Story: Flavio Maluf Has Created a Giant in Eucatex

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Flavio Maluf had no idea of what his business world wool resemble after finishing his education at the Fundacao Penteado University of Sao Paulo. During that time, business was never as usual. However, he wanted to become the best president in a Brazilian company. He attended the University with the primary aim of shaping his…


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