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Apple switches to audio fingerprinting for better music catalog matching

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Apple has received many complaints about the manner in which Apple Music streaming matches users’ personal music collections to the catalog. By adopting audio fingerprinting, users should ideally be able to have much more accurate matches overall. In addition to hopefully improving the accuracy of the matches between user music collections and the catalog, the…

Apple And Its Unencrypted Kernel

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A recent news story that was swept under the rug with other major world events occurring was Apple’s release of a preview of the new iOS 10 operating system whose kernel (central controlling apparatus) was unencrypted. Coming in the aftermath of Apple’s long and bitter fight with the U.S. government over the encryption of a…

Are You Ready for iOS 10?

Posted by in Apple Systems, Apple's iOS 10

Apple’s iOS 10 is set to rely heavily on third party developers. With greater core expanding capabilities, third party developers can build Siri extensions, Phone app extensions, interactive widgets for notifications and 3D touch shortcuts and extensions for Messages. Relying on its developers is a way for Apple to create more capable apps. But, are…


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