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How Anthony Petrello Became the CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd

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Anthony Petrello is a known philanthropist, entrepreneur, lawyer and a great mathematician. He is one man with a beautiful academic history. He did the unexpected after graduating with masters in Mathematics. Tony has been brought up from a very poor background but that did not hinder him from becoming a great person in life. He…

Susan McGalla A Leader To Women Everywhere

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Susan McGalla is a woman who was born in 1964 and raised in East Liverpool, Ohio. Susan has two brothers that she grew up whom of which are both older than she is. Her father was a very hard-working man who was the coach of a local football team as she was growing up. Her…

Gregory Aziz, the man behind National Steel Car in Canada

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Behind any successful company lies a competent leader, and so is Gregory Aziz at National Steel Car. He is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the National Steel Company. The company boasts over 100 year’s reputation in engineering and manufacturing industry. In fact, the company is one of the leading railroad freight and tank…

Marc Sparks: Iconic Business Success

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Marc Spark’s story is about huge dreams and stripped down progress. His prosperity and accomplishments originated from staying positive amid the hardest of times and a unimaginably solid confidence in God. He devoted himself completely to the universe of business with just a secondary school confirmation he earned in 1975 while living in Austin, Texas….

Betsy DeVos ready to Champion for Equal Educational Opportunities to Every American Child

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Betsy DeVos pursues reforms through various nonprofit roles. She chairs the Dick and Betsy Family Foundation, in addition to taking an active interest in a range of charities. Betsy has membership in various local and national boards that include Mars Hill Bible Church, DeVos Institute for Arts Management, Foundation for Education Excellence, and Kids Hope…

Andrew Rockledge’s Impressive Career

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Andrew Rocklage is a young businessman who has managed to make an impressive name for himself in an only a few short years. After graduating from Suffolk University Law School, Andrew Rocklage decided to take his passion for business and use it to create a career for himself. His decisions and business efforts have made…


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The medical field would be incomplete without medical practitioners such Dr.Scott Rocklage. This is because of the numerous contributions he has made in this field especially in the category of progressive medicine.Scott Rocklage is a medical practitioner with over 30 years experience in the field.The doctor is a medical researcher, medical manager, and a doctor…


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