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Dr. Scott Rocklage’s Path to a Successful Healthcare Executive

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UPDATE August 7th Scott Rocklage role in life science success Scott Rocklage is a 60-year old doctor and business leader. He is the most sought-after scientist working in biochemical studies and entrepreneurship. He is currently serving as the managing partner of 5AM Ventures; a company that specializes in investment capital especially on study towards life…

Why Pay High Interest Rate for Loans When Equities First Holding Have Better Options

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Gone are the days when options in business are scarce and exploitation was the order of the day. We are now in the age of innovations, inventions and creativity. People are coming out of their shells to put up outstanding inventions in almost every field of human endeavor. We, in the world of finance are…

How VTA Publications Is Changing Lives

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March 9th, 2017 Updates: Looks as though Jim Hunt has started a blog through VTA Publications. They’re providing insight for investors that haven’t tried stock trading yet, but are curious about the process. There are a few really good posts up at One stand out from Jim and VTA personally “Investments Options And Tips…

Adam Milstein Names The One Mental Trap To Avoid

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If there is one thing that is crucial to success, it is avoiding mistakes that are highly avoidable. One such mistake is in the mind. It is very tempting when going on a journey to start looking for short cuts. It is understandable that the idea of getting rich quickly or succeeding really fast is…

Stephen Rotella’s Contribution in the World of Business and Philanthropy

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Stephen Rotella is the President of StoneCastle Partners LLC. After concluding his service at J. P. Morgan in October 2008, he took up the position as the CEO of StoneCastle Cash Management sector which he currently serves as well. He became the President of StoneCastle Partners LLC. in January 2014. During this period in 2015,…

Jeffry Schneider and His Success as Founder of Ascendant Capital

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Jeffry Schneider is the founder of Ascendant Capital, LLC which is based in Austin, TX. Jeffry graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He previously worked for Merrill Lynch, Alex Brown and Smith Barney. From 2002 to 2004, he held senior positions at Axiom Capital Management and Paradigm Global Advisors. Schneider has over 25…

Why Troy McQuagge Is Celebrated As CEO of the Year by the One Planet Awards

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Troy McQuagge has grabbed the headlines as the Gold Winner as CEO of the Year in the esteemed One Planet Awards. Such an accolade is awarded to outstanding entrepreneurs in every industry worldwide. As CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc., his excellent business acumen and insightful leadership have played an essential role in his recognition and…

InnovaCare Health’s Team under Rick Shinto

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Offering quality medical care is one of the main objectives of InnovaCare. To ensure growth and stability, the company emphasizes on hiring qualified professionals who can work well as a team. InnovaCare has achieves its vision by emphasizing on building proper working relationships and good communication. InnovaCare Health attributes its success to transparency. The firm’s…

John Goullet: A Shining Entrepreneur in the Field of IT Staffing Solution

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John Goullet is a professional in IT tech staffing and is also an avid entrepreneur. He is the current Principal of DIVERSANT, LLC. Mr. Goullet also founded the Info Technologies, Inc., in 1994 and is its current Chief Executive Officer. The headquarters of Info Tech is in New Jersey. Goullet received his Bachelors and Master’s…

Keith Mann: A Man of Vision and Action

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Keith Mann is a guy who has worked in the executive search industry for more than 25 years now. In a short talk with the founder and CEO of Dynamic Search Partners, Keith talks about his company and himself and how everything came to be: The idea for Dynamic Search Partners This whole concept came…

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