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Dr. Mark McKenna; the CEO of OVME

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There are few Doctors licensed by Georgia and Florida State Board of Medical Examiners. Dr. Mark McKenna is one of the doctors authorized by the board and his experience in surgery and medicine is unmatched. He is also an entrepreneur who developed an interest in real estate a long time ago. He has always worked…

Talos Energy is Re-energizing the Oil Industry

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History was made this year when the Mexican government gave permission to privately held companies to start drilling for oil, in Mexican waters. To understand the significance of this, one needs to understand that Mexico has not allowed private companies to do any oil related work on its soil for more than 80 years. The…

Norman Pattiz Announces the Return of Norman Lear

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Norman Lear, a World War II veteran, producer, director, writer and creator of renowned sitcoms is back on the microphone. Lear is well known for producing legendary sitcoms including Maude, The Jeffersons, All in the Family and One day at a Time among many others. His comeback was announced by Norman Pattiz, the founder and…


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