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Shattering Glass Ceilings; Susan McGalla’s story

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Shattering Glass Ceilings; Susan McGalla’s story From Joseph Horne to the President of American Eagle outfitters, McGalla has accumulated a great deal of experience in the retail industry and in the cut-throat world of business. Her meteoric rise in a sector which is dominated by men has turned heads for many and for good reason…

What You Ought To Know About Bumble BFF

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A few years ago, Tinder was the talk of the town. It was known to be the hottest dating apps. For the Tinder users, you probably understand why the app gained much popularity quickly. Tinder has a simple interface that allows users to swipe in two directions to show their interests in a person’s profile….

Susan McGalla And Her Accomplishments

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Although corporate America has made substantial progress, it still continues to lag in numerous areas. To expound further, it oftentimes lacks the ability to accommodate minority groups and women. In spite of such challenges, women such as Susan McGalla continue to open doors for others. For those unaware, Susan McGalla remains a prominent figure in…


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