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The World Loses Stephen Murray

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In March of 2015, Stephen Murray quietly left his position at CCMP Capital. One month later, the news that he had passed away at his home in Stamford, CT rocked the company. Stephen was known by everyone he worked with to be a great leader and financial visionary. He worked with the company for two…

How Stephen Murray helped in the growth of CCMP Capital

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Stephen Murray is one of the most successful career people that has ever served the finance sector. Murray was a specialist in private investment equity and served the CCMP Capital as the chief executive officer. Stephen passed in March, and at that time he was 52 years old. He worked as an administrator of various…

The Success of Stephen Murray

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CCMP Capital is an investment firm that was developed specifically for the purpose of helping customer of the firm with buyouts as well as growth equity transactions through the reduction of risk, uncertainty, as well as the problems of asymmetric information that is often associated with the financial world and can often block many investors…

Stephen Murray Was Known As A Great Deal Maker

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One of the most successful CEOs in the financial industry of New York who always took the time to give back to the community is dead. Stephen Murray, who served as the longtime CEO of CCMP Capital passed away from health complications at the age of 52 in February of last year. He has left…

Steven Murray: Commitment to Win and Make a Real Difference in the World

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The United States boasts one of the most advanced and competitive financial markets on Investors, who have innovative investment strategies, succeed while those with weak tactics run out of business. These markets create a survival for the fittest scenario whereby only the strongest survives. Therefore, since Stephen Murray ascended from a humble position to…

The Accomplishments of Stephen Murray as a professional in the Private Equity Investment Sector

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Stephen Murray was a renowned financial expert who served the CCMP Capital as its president and chief executive officer. He was also a co-founder of the company. Mr. Murray died in 2015 due to illness, and he had left the company one month early before he passed on. He was employed by the MH Equity…

CCMP CEO Stephen Murray Dies

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Stephen Murray, the former CEO of CCMP Capital has died, according to Fortune Magazine. Murray had left the company due to undisclosed medical reasons in February, according to the company website. Ten days prior to his death, the website had removed his name and announced his departure, but no additional updates were given. “We are…

Stephen Murray Became Out Best Advocate For Investment

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We brought our business trust plan to Stephen Murray at CCMP Capital, and he talked to us about how he was working on a new kind of mutual fund that we might be interested. He was near the end of his career, and we knew that he was not feeling well. He took us in,…

Stephen Murray Successfully Made It To The Top

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Stephen Murray unfortunately passed away in 2015, but during his time in the industry, he was considered one of the top individuals in the field of private investments. He was also the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder for the largely successful CCMP Capital. His level of expertise and his character has had him labeled as…


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