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Making Picks for the College Football Season

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The college football season is coming closer and closer towards wrapping up, which means there are a huge amount of college football teams fighting to make the playoffs, as well as wind up in major bowl games. The rankings continue to get shaken up and there is a huge amount of anticipation, in terms of…

Learning College Football Betting the Easy Way

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College football comes and then goes in the blink of an eye. The game of college football incites an almost incomparable passion in both the players and the fans watching at home and in the stadium. Obviously this passion for the game is a great thing, but so is turning that passion into a money…

Tips for betting on college basketball games

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Gambling and sports have combined to turn into fantasy sports where players can pick a squad and bet money on if their squad will score the most points. It takes money, careful analysis, and luck, but it is a whole lot of fun. The way players bet on games is quite different than in the…


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