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The Significant Benefits of Email Notifications to our Lives

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Cloud services have successfully brought human customers closer to their digital brands. Thus, companies can now reach their customers easily using a broad collection of low-cost and easy-to-use tactics. Email notification is an example of a cloud-based tool that has enabled companies to establish invaluable customer loyalty at a lower cost. Further, email notifications are…

Net Neutrality 101

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Every year, the internet is a little less fair. Huge companies that are a little shorter on patience than the previous, enable more forces until they are concentrated and a certain idealism gives way to a relentless pragmatism. Before you know it, this overwhelming presence is squeezing us of all prior freedoms. And when Ajit…

Google’s New Security Features Protect Users from Unverified Apps

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It’s no secret Google takes internet security seriously. Over the last few months alone, the company has released several security improvements for G Suite users, like anti-phishing filters and OAuth app whitelisting to protect against harmful programs. Now, Google has taken yet another step in protecting their users by introducing the “unverified app” screen. Similar…

Securing Healthcare Data Impedes Patient Care

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Those in the healthcare field are at times forced to choose between protecting patient information or providing efficient care. Some estimates reveal that physicians can spend up to 90 minutes of their workday entering passwords and gaining access to records that are safely protected by multiple layers of security. In addition, the digitization of medical…

Cyber Insurance is a Burgeoning Industry

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Cyber attacks are growing in complexity and sophistication, making it difficult for many industries to keep their systems secure. A recent DDoS attack, or distributed denial of service attack, placed financial services organization Lloyds Group inaccessible to costumers for almost two days. That attack did not remove funds or expose customers’ private information, instead it…

Deception is Newest Trend in Cyber Protection

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With a rise in fake news and alternative facts, deception is a sign of our times. It might not always be negative. In the world of cyber security, several start ups are using deceptive techniques to thwart cyber attacks. Investors in this new form of security include banks like Citi, software giants like Cisco and…


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