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The Success Journey of Dr. Imran Haque

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Our health is our greatest asset. This is because, without proper healthcare, there is no way you can complete your daily work. Despite the care we take, we still fall ill. With the large pool of health care centers, it might be hard to decide on the most favorable one. The people of Asheboro, North…

“Sunday Housecall with Dr. David Samadi”

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For those of us who need help navigating the complex world of healthcare in the United States, there’s a new doctor in the house. Dr. David Samadi delves into pressing issues for Americans concerned about the state of medicine in his live stream “Sunday Housecall with Dr. David Samadi”. The broadcast can be streamed on…

Dr. Imran Haque: A Look at Diabetes and How to Manage it

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Dr. Imran Haque is an internal medicine professional based in Asheboro, North Carolina. He has over 15 years practicing medicine, and he has specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes, epilepsy, glaucoma, and pneumonia among other diseases. Dr. Haque is licensed to practice medicine in North Carolina. He has a private practice, Horizon Internal…

Dr. Imran Haque Bringing a Unique Touch to Internal Medicine

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Sadly, new ailments seem to emerge, owing its eminent “success” to human lifestyles we practice every day. Lucky enough for us, the medical world is advancing every second with new invention son cure and other preventions being made day by day. Medical practitioners globally have also strived hard to ensure that people live disease-free lives….

Dr. Imran Haque: Loving Patients One At A time

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Internal Medicine Specialist, Imran Haque, combines 15 years of medical experience with a tender heart for the suffering. His practice is located within Horizon Internal Medicine Group located in North Carolina, and he is well-known to be extremely caring, vastly knowledgeable, and steadfastly patient. In fact, these are the very traits that have resulted in…

Renown Health is expanding in South Reno

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This spring Renown Health will be opening a new family practice clinic in South Reno at The Summit Mall. They will provide primary care services to the public and a laboratory in case they increase services in the near future. The clinic was designed to provide patients will a more comfortable and inviting atmosphere. The…


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