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App Infected With Ransomware Now Removed From Google Play

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An app infected with the ransomware Charger made its way onto the Google Play Store, in a rare miss for Google. Now, however, that app has finally been caught and removed.   The malware came packaged with an app called EnergyRescue, which was billed as a battery saving app. This turned out to just be…

Google Announces New Cloud Key Management System

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Google has announced a beta version of a new Cloud Key Management System (KMS) they’ve been working on, which will serve to supplement their server-side encryption and customer-controlled on-premise key management tools for Google’s Cloud Platform.   Cloud KMS allows Google customers to manage symmetric encryption keys in the cloud. These keys allow AES256 encryption…

Give Children a Safer Searching Experience

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Children can type sex-related words into Google and get explicit results including images. So what can be done to help the situation?   Google provides an amazing solution, the SafeSearch filter. Turning on this feature can block some of the content such as pornography from search results. To do this on a desktop browser, go…

Google Improves Web Security With New Browser Warnings

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Search engine giant Google has managed to capture considerable share of the web browsing market with its Chromium project, which includes Chrome OS as well as the popular Chrome browser.   In 2017, Google intends to set a new standard in web security with a new set of security warnings for users of the Chrome…

Google Pixel Phone Hacked in Under 60 Seconds

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A team of white hat hackers found vulnerabilities in the new Google Pixel phone at PwnFest, a hacking competition held in Seoul, South Korea. A Chinese team, Quihoo 360, was able to exploit this vulnerability. This exploit launched the Google Play store before opening Chrome and allowed them to display a webpage on the phone…

Google Increases Security Measures

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One of the most important and sensitive aspects of any website, mobile application, or any other Internet-based application is web security. In recent news (, Internet giant Google unveiled features that will ensure its users receive the highest security measures in its newest product. Within the next few months Google will be releasing the Android…


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