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Tips for Safeguarding Your Website

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As a website owner, you want to deliver a secure and beneficial experience to your visitors. If you’ve been the victim of hacking, it is eminent that you need better security implemented onto your website’s pages. Not only does this fully protect you, but it protects the sensitive information that clients may be sharing with…

Yahoo Finally Informs Their Users That They Were Hacked

Posted by in Data Breach, Hack, Hacking, Internet, Yahoo!

Yahoo is a website dedicated to providing a search engine, news feed, and email services free of charge to its users. It is used worldwide by billions of people who assume that their personal information is safe as they browse, click, and send letters off. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. The website…

Cyber Security Skills for Teens with Hacker High School

Posted by in Cyber Security Skills, Hackers, Hacking, Heimdal Security

For high school students prospecting for a career in the field of cyber-security should prepare early enough. Several programs can help high schoolers in learning about cyber security and gain relevant experience for potential internships as well as enhance college applications. Hacker High School Hacker High School offers a set of free active e-book lessons…

Jeep Cherokee Still Vulnerable to Hacking

Posted by in Hack, Hacking, Jeep Cherokee, Self-driving Cars

One of the major concerns when it comes to self-driving vehicles is that some hackers may be able to be thousands of miles away and still control where a car or truck is headed. In an effort to get make sure that such issues are addressed, two hackers actually showed how they were able to…

The Real-Life Hacking of Mr. Robot

Posted by in Cyber Attack, Data Breach, Hackers, Hacking, Mr. Robot

One of the most talked-about television series these days is currently on its second season, and it features cyber attacks that are not only plausible but also realistically systematic. Mr. Robot is a dramatic series broadcast by the USA cable television network. The series focuses on a young and troubled IT engineer recruited by a…

Cardinals Executive Sentenced to 46 Months for Computer Hacking

Posted by in Astros' Scouting Research, Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, Hacking, St. Louis Cardinals

A former St. Louis Cardinals executive was sentenced to nearly four years in prison for unlawfully hacking an account belonging to an unidentified Houston Astros executive. As part of his plea deal, Christopher Correa will spend 46 months in prison for violating federal hacking laws. Correa broke into an Astros’ database containing information regarding player…

MLB Scouting Director Found Guilty of High-Tech Cheating

Posted by in Astros' Scouting Research, Data Breach, Hacking, High-Tech Cheating, MLB league

Christoper Correa, who once was a scouting director and director of baseball development for the St. Louis Cardinals, was found guilty of hacking a computer to access data from the Houston Astros. He was sentenced to 46 months in prison and has to pay nearly $280,000 in restitution. In the world of Major League Baseball,…

1,000 Wendy’s Got Hacked, But Don’t Freak Out

Posted by in Cyber Attack, Hacking, Wendy's

This week, Wendy’s announced that it had been the victim of a large-scale cyber attack that hacked its networks and left it vulnerable to attack. More than one thousand of its restaurants were hacked into through malicious malware encoded in each Wendy’s at point of sale. Debit card information continues to be the likely target…

Oculus CEO’s Social Media Got Hacked, But Chill Out For Now

Posted by in Hacking, Oculus, Snapchat

You may not have heard, but the CEO of Oculus, a Facebook-owned company currently developing cutting-edge technology in the virtual reality field, had his social media hacked recently. This continues a trend in recent weeks, but it’s not just the rich and powerful having their social media accounts compromised by hackers. Thousands of social media…

The Latest Hack Attack…On New Businesses?

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Hackers recently drained an investment fund meant to support start-ups of nearly 41 million pounds ($60 million). This theft took place in a virtual market supported by Ether, a virtual currency bought with real currency. People aren’t as interested in hacking as a crime because they often think it doesn’t have any victims; that financial…


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