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“Sunday Housecall with Dr. David Samadi”

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For those of us who need help navigating the complex world of healthcare in the United States, there’s a new doctor in the house. Dr. David Samadi delves into pressing issues for Americans concerned about the state of medicine in his live stream “Sunday Housecall with Dr. David Samadi”. The broadcast can be streamed on…

Getting Up, Close, and Personal with Dr. Imran Haque of Horizon Internal Medicine

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Dr. Imran is a qualified medical practitioner who is licensed to ply his trade in North Carolina. His clinic, Horizon Internal Medicine, is based in Asheboro. For 15 years now, Imran Haque has cultivated a good reputation within the medical industry and is seen by many as an authority for as far as internal medicine…

Life Line Screening keeping customers on top of their health

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Lifeline Screenings is the leading provider of community-based preventive health screenings in the United States. Many health problems go unrecognized and may need to be diagnosed early before it is time for your next visit with your primary physician. Lifeline Screenings uses ultrasound equipment that is well advanced. They also use highly trained healthcare professionals….

Health and Life Insurance with the USHEALTH Group

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USHEALTH Group offers both individual health and life insurance services to business owners and families. The group was founded in 1982 in Texas’ Fort Worth. The entity was formulated through a restructuring plan, which led to a name change from Ascent Assurance to the current USHEALTH Group in 2005. The firm utilizes a reliably extensive…

Troy McQuagge Brings Home Gold in the One Planet Awards

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Troy McQuagge has brought home gold in his role as CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc. He was named the Gold Winner as CEO of the Year in the noteworthy One Planet Awards. The awards program covers the globe and is open to all types of business. Non-profits, for-profits, government divisions and every size and scope…

Dr. Imran Haque Bringing a Unique Touch to Internal Medicine

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Sadly, new ailments seem to emerge, owing its eminent “success” to human lifestyles we practice every day. Lucky enough for us, the medical world is advancing every second with new invention son cure and other preventions being made day by day. Medical practitioners globally have also strived hard to ensure that people live disease-free lives….

Renown Health is expanding in South Reno

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This spring Renown Health will be opening a new family practice clinic in South Reno at The Summit Mall. They will provide primary care services to the public and a laboratory in case they increase services in the near future. The clinic was designed to provide patients will a more comfortable and inviting atmosphere. The…


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