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Getting Up, Close, and Personal with Dr. Imran Haque of Horizon Internal Medicine

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Dr. Imran is a qualified medical practitioner who is licensed to ply his trade in North Carolina. His clinic, Horizon Internal Medicine, is based in Asheboro. For 15 years now, Imran Haque has cultivated a good reputation within the medical industry and is seen by many as an authority for as far as internal medicine…

Life Line Screening keeping customers on top of their health

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Lifeline Screenings is the leading provider of community-based preventive health screenings in the United States. Many health problems go unrecognized and may need to be diagnosed early before it is time for your next visit with your primary physician. Lifeline Screenings uses ultrasound equipment that is well advanced. They also use highly trained healthcare professionals….

Weight Loss Tips For Men Who Want To Burn Fat And Build Some Muscles

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For men to lose weight easily, they just have to follow a certain diet, do some strength training, as well as perform cardio exercises. In fact, as long as men do their homework, male weight loss should be easier for them. So, to say that it is more difficult for men to lose weight than…

Edward Honig Dedicates His Life To Literally Saving Hearts

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Updated on July 10th, 2017: Edward Honig wrote a great piece on healthcare when you’re traveling. Perfect read for anybody about to take a summer trip, or that’s just curious about the protocol of traveling abroad with a health problem. The hospital scene isn’t always the same everywhere around the world, so it’s important to…


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