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Securus Technologies Building Stronger Prison Systems

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Having worked as a prison guard over the last 15 years, I have seen how violence has escalated to the point that inmates actually think they own the prisons. These inmates feel like they are in the facility around the clock so they should be in charge. When you add into the mix excessive drugs…

Securus Technologies – Helping Law Enforcement Officers Catch Criminals with Ease

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Securus Technologies is one of the highly respected companies in the field of criminal justice and prison communication. The company started in 1986 and the last three decades, has made a tremendous contribution to the industry regarding the advanced technology and a comprehensive range of products and services it offers. The company helps more than…

Securus Is Set To End The Use Of Paper Forms In Correctional Facilities

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I was delighted by the recent news that Securus Technologies had launched an automated inmate forms and grievance application services. The service, which will be provided through the company’s ConnectUs platform, will be aimed at eliminating paper use. This move will save up to 65% of the time that corrections staff spend on giving out…


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