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Tips for Keeping Yourself Safe Online

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It’s not uncommon for people to lose vital information on the internet. This is problematic because it can deter you from getting ahead in life due to lost information. Stolen identities and credit card information are all too common online, and this is why you need to take steps to ensure that you are safe…

Yahoo Attacked by Foreign Government

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Yahoo users were recently shocked to find out that their email accounts were hacked three years ago by a foreign government. In August of 2013, over a billion accounts were accessed in order to steal information about people. All of their phone numbers, email addresses, passwords, and security questions were put up for sale by…

Yahoo Finally Informs Their Users That They Were Hacked

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Yahoo is a website dedicated to providing a search engine, news feed, and email services free of charge to its users. It is used worldwide by billions of people who assume that their personal information is safe as they browse, click, and send letters off. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. The website…

Massive International DDoS Criminal Network Taken Down

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Law enforcement just made a major breakthrough in the ongoing war against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Police all over the world coordinated the simultaneous arrest of 34 suspects and officially warned over 100 other alleged attackers. Investigators had used information obtained from the recently shutdown DDoS-for-hire service Netspoof in order to facilitate the…

Government Officials Say Internet Security Is Insufficient

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Internet security has been in the news quite often over the past few years. However, the situation is not getting any better. This is according to some of the top officials in the Obama administration. The thing that has many people in Washington concerned is the abundance of devices currently available on the market that…

Large Companies Controlling Internet Warns Web Security CEO

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Matthew Prince is the CEO of CloudFlare. They are one of the leading companies in the web security industry. He has spent most of his adult life trying to make the Internet a safer place by preventing hackers and other cyber criminals from doing their nefarious deeds. However, Prince is now concerned about a new…

Keeping Your Identity Safe Online

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These days, more people are doing business and showing their creative works online than ever before. This makes it even easier for hackers to steal other people’s identities. Hackers can also manipulate a person’s account in a way that will tarnish the original users reputation, which can be bad for business. If you’re online for…

The Important Of Web Security For Small Business Owners

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The growth of online business has also spurred improvement in the quality of services offered by small business owners. As such, recent developments and new gadgets have allowed individuals and small businesses to compete with their larger counterparts. In recent years, one of the most innovative gadgets is WordPress, which allowed anyone to create websites…

Internet Celebrates 25th Birthday

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The founders of the Internet, including Tim Berners-Lee, celebrated today as the first public website on the World Wide Web marked its 25th birthday today. Compared to the highly-interactive, visually-appealing websites of today, the first public website wasn’t much too look at. It included an all-text list of information and a summary of Berners-Lee’s biggest…


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