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How David Giertz Became A Leader In Business

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Updated for June 21st, 2017: David Giertz had two very informative articles launch recently. One for The Bro Talk titled “Even Bros Retire: Ohio Investment Advisor David Giertz Has Some Ideas To Get You Prepared” and another for The French Tribune titled “David Giertz Says Financial Advisors are Failing by Not Talking to Their Clients…

Igor Cornelsen Describes Four Key Things To Know Before You Invest In The Stock Market

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Igor Cornelsen is a highly regarded stock market trader who specializes in trading stocks in the Brazilian markets. Mr. Cornelsen also consulted for Brazilian banking institutions. He now serves as the director of Bainbridge Group Inc., which is an offshore investment management fund. Below you will find Igor Cornelsen’s four tips to know before putting…

David Giertz Advises Financial Advisers to Include Social Security

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When the average person, even relatively high-income people, think about retirement and how they will live during that period of their lives, they automatically think of Social Security. However, according to David Giertz, President of Nationwide Financial Distributors, most financial advisors are not discussing the program with their clients. He spoke about this when interviewed…


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