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A Reputation That’s Changing The Landscape

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The Landscape Of International Banking   International banking is a broad industry.   It takes into account the trading strategies and methods of the very best. But it also puts into practice the need for tolerance as nations and countries all involve themselves with the prospects of beating the markets or expanding their portfolios.  …

Igor Cornelsen Describes Four Key Things To Know Before You Invest In The Stock Market

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Igor Cornelsen is a highly regarded stock market trader who specializes in trading stocks in the Brazilian markets. Mr. Cornelsen also consulted for Brazilian banking institutions. He now serves as the director of Bainbridge Group Inc., which is an offshore investment management fund. Below you will find Igor Cornelsen’s four tips to know before putting…

Igor Cornelsen: Experienced Investor and Investment Consultant

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When opting for an investment tool, it is advisable to seek advice from qualified and experienced investment advisors. Such professionals have deep insight on industry trends. Their industry knowledge and grasp of due diligence procedures and market analysis and research skills increase the chances of success and returns on investment vehicle of choice. However, most…

Investing the Igor Cornelsen Way

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Igor Cornelsen is a powerful investor that has used his time wisely. He has become a leader in the investment industry, and he knows a lot about investing in Brazil. He can tell investors about this area because this is where he has lived for a large portion of his life. He has become someone…

Martin Lustgarten; an Expert in Investment Banking

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Investment banking An investment bank is a banking division linked to the creation of capital for corporations, governments, and high-net-worth individuals. Investment banks specialize in underwriting publicly traded securities, facilitate mergers and acquisitions as well as acting as a broker for public institutions and private investors. Besides, investment banks are responsible for providing guidance in…

Laidlaw & Company’s Relationship with Relmada and Its Rich History

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The recent spat between Relmada therapeutics and Laidlaw regarding the release of confidential information that touched on fiduciary duty. The fiduciary duty was on the part of Laidlaw because it released the “misleading” information without the authorization of Relmada. The relationship between the two parties is based on Laidlaw acting as the investment banker on…


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