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More Lessons on CBE with Ricardo Tosto

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The CBE deadline for the annual declaration on capitals ended on 5th April. It is however important for individuals to be knowledgeable about the quarterly statements that have been covered over the financial year. This is primarily because CBB also known as the Central Bank of Brazil has non-deliveries on the set dates. There are…

Ricardo Tosto, A Prominent Lawyer In Brazil’s Corporate World

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Ricardo Tosto is a lawyer who is known to be extremely established in the field of law in Brazil. He is known in the field for his tremendous foresight regarding the course of enforceable undertakings which the company might have to incur at some point of time. This has given him the ability to help…

Geoffrey Cone, Founder of Cone Marshall

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Geoffrey Cone was born in 1954 and grew up in South Canterbury. He attended the University of Otago and graduated with an LLB with honors. He has been involved in Tax and Trust advising since 1998. He has had clients from Europe and Latin American countries. Cone’s experience in the field has led him to…


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