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Ethical Hackers Are In High Demand

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Hackers come in two modes, the ethical one is known as a ‘white hat’ hacker, and the unethical one is known as a ‘black hat’ hacker. It is the latter who poses a significant threat to businesses. In an age where e-commerce, mobile-based services, and online data storage is the most suitable way of running…

Google Increases Security Measures

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One of the most important and sensitive aspects of any website, mobile application, or any other Internet-based application is web security. In recent news (, Internet giant Google unveiled features that will ensure its users receive the highest security measures in its newest product.   Within the next few months Google will be releasing the…

Google’s 2017 AI Plans for Pi Makers

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Google is looking forward this year to expand the development tools available for the pioneers using the Raspberry Pi microprocessor to power their 2017 projects. The act will potentially offer software infrastructure for face and emotion recognition, speech to text translation, processing of natural language, analysis of sentiments and predictive analytics among many others.  …

App Infected With Ransomware Now Removed From Google Play

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An app infected with the ransomware Charger made its way onto the Google Play Store, in a rare miss for Google. Now, however, that app has finally been caught and removed.   The malware came packaged with an app called EnergyRescue, which was billed as a battery saving app. This turned out to just be…

SpyNote RAT Masquerading as Netflix App

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The SpyNote Trojan is one of the most effective trojans currently running rampant across the Android platform. Now, it’s gone a step further in a new version which tricks Android users into thinking it’s a Netflix app.   This is a new release of a trojan uncovered last summer by Palo Alto Networks on the…

Dormant Twitter Botnet Uncovered By University College London

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University College London researchers have discovered a dormant Twitter botnet that could be woken at any moment and cause havoc on the popular social media network.   The Star Wars botnet as it’s been called, first uncovered previously in their research, has over 350,000 bot accounts and could be used to spam, send malicious links,…

Microsoft Launches New Privacy Dashboard and Updates Privacy Policy

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In a show of good faith to their customers, Microsoft has launched a new privacy dashboard that allows the reviewing of personal data collected by the company. In addition, this move comes with some key changes to the Windows 10 privacy policy. The move comes in response to a wash of complaints by users wanting…

New Variant of Ploutus ATM Malware Is Badder Than Ever

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There is a new strain of the Ploutus ATM malware that has been spotted by security researchers at FireEye. This new variant, called Ploutus-D, only currently targets ATMs manufactured by Diebold, but this could expand quite easily. FireEye researchers warn that just a few simple code changes could make this malware effective on ATMs manufactured…


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