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The Latest In Malware Is Cheap And Infecting Computers At A Fast Rate

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One of the latest dangers to web security is Malware with the ability to steal passwords. The Malware is spreading quickly due to the extremely low pricing. The software is not sophisticated but it is effective and the sale price is ridiculously low. The name of the software is Ovidiy Stealer and it is being…

The Rate of Data Breaches Is Higher Than Last Year

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The fight against data breaches is not going well. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center and CyberScout and Your text to link…, the rate of data breaches has increased by 29 percent. This center defines a data breach as being when a driver’s license number, a Social Security number, a medical record and a…

The Aftershock Of Losing Net Neutrality

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Details regarding new sentiments on this topic report that up to 4 times the available funds have gone into appointing lawmakers against Obama’s Open Internet Policies. Associates of organizations in favor of restricting Net Neutrality, remain supportive through campaigning exercises, which have already raised moneys for rivals of internet fairness, well into the $19 million…

The Significant Benefits of Email Notifications to our Lives

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Cloud services have successfully brought human customers closer to their digital brands. Thus, companies can now reach their customers easily using a broad collection of low-cost and easy-to-use tactics. Email notification is an example of a cloud-based tool that has enabled companies to establish invaluable customer loyalty at a lower cost. Further, email notifications are…

Google’s New Security Features Protect Users from Unverified Apps

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It’s no secret Google takes internet security seriously. Over the last few months alone, the company has released several security improvements for G Suite users, like anti-phishing filters and OAuth app whitelisting to protect against harmful programs. Now, Google has taken yet another step in protecting their users by introducing the “unverified app” screen. Similar…

Securing Healthcare Data Impedes Patient Care

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Those in the healthcare field are at times forced to choose between protecting patient information or providing efficient care. Some estimates reveal that physicians can spend up to 90 minutes of their workday entering passwords and gaining access to records that are safely protected by multiple layers of security. In addition, the digitization of medical…

Overview of Programming Languages in High Demand

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Marc Andreessen once declared that “Software is eating the world”. This means that there is a need for programmers to write the software. There are so many programming languages that exist in the world but some are far more popular than the rest. When a software company is looking to employ new employees, it will…

Recent Ransomware has Bogged the Internet Down

Posted by in Programming News, Ransomware   Owners of Android brand smartphones may want to increase security procedures taken, or risk succumbing to malicious activity of hackers. An exploit coined Clock & Dagger addresses problems with screen behaviors in which hackers can monitor so they can log on to your phone or even blackmail you with information harvested from your…

Apple Releases a New Programming Language

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Apple Inc. is always making headlines for good and bad reasons. However, it has made news for the good reason this time by releasing a computer programming language and targets college students. The main aim of this language is to teach college students how to come up with better apps. It’s also seen as a…

How to Transition From Your Full-Time Programmer Job to Self-Employment

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If you have decided that you would like to be self-employed, this is a huge step in your life. Going from working for an established business or company and being an employee to working for yourself can be a scary prospect. Here are some tips for making the transition easier and more comfortable for you…

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