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Orange Coast College Expands Its Recycling Capacity

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Among its vision 2020 development plan goals, Orange Coast College has developed a new recycling facility. Orange Coast College has been offering recycling services for the past four decades on a relatively smaller facility. The new recycling facility, the Adams Avenue, is five times bigger than the old one. The Adams Avenue facility cost over…

Orange Coast College chases another national rowing championship in Gainsville, GA

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With another year of training under their belt, the Orange Coast College rowing team is poised to take on the nation or another rowing competition. Does rowing team from a relatively small and unknown college or seeking their 12th victory on the national stage.   While Orange Coast may not have the most notable division…

OCC Set to Receive a Modern Planetarium

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Orange Coast College (OCC) last year embarked on an ambitious mission to upgrade its planetarium. The old planetarium, which was constructed in the 1950s, was pulled down to give room for the construction of the modern one at the cost of $20 million. Recently, Mary McChesney—a retired professor—donated $1 million towards the project. Her donation…


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