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How OneLogin Powers Envoy’s Hassle-Free User Tracking Software

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Envoy, a San Francisco-based firm, develops software to allow office visitors to use iPad to check in. That makes the use of uninspiring, outdated, and insecure log books unnecessary for modern enterprises. The firm recently worked with OneLogin to implement the System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) protocol, which is used for user provisioning, popularly…

Yahoo Prevented Users From Switching Email Service Providers

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It was a shocking revelation to Yahoo Mail users when Reuters revealed earlier this month that Yahoo likely created a program for the government that allowed the Federal Bureau of Investigation or the National Security Agency to read private information on millions of accounts from all incoming emails rather than a small selection of stored ones….

Overview of Programming Languages in High Demand

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Marc Andreessen once declared that “Software is eating the world”. This means that there is a need for programmers to write the software. There are so many programming languages that exist in the world but some are far more popular than the rest. When a software company is looking to employ new employees, it will…

Microsoft Releases PowerShell as Open Source

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On Thursday, August 18th of 2016, Microsoft opened up the source code for its command-line system management program, PowerShell, making it available for download on GitHub under the MIT free software license. Since Windows XP, PowerShell has been the command-line shell used in Windows systems, having replaced the older cmd.exe used in the NT OSes,…


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