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Contribution of Rick Smith in Securus Technologies

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Contribution of Rick Smith in Securus Technologies Rick Smith is the chief executive of Securus Technologies. He was appointed in 2008. Many individuals believe that Rick Smith fits in the position because of his experience, drive, and focus. Rick Smith has a strong educational and experience background. He went to Rochester Institute of Technology and…

What’s Next For Truck Drivers?

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As the advance of self-driving cars continues to progress, economists have turned their attention away from whether or not an automated economy is possible, and instead whether or not it should be. Specifically, economists are now focusing on how automation will affect long-haul truck driving. Currently, long-haul truck driving remains one of the best paying…

British Teen Ushers in Era of Free Robotic Lawyers

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Back in August of 2015, British teen Joshua Browder created the website/mobile-app DoNotPay in order to help people overturn unlawful parking tickets. Since its debut, DoNotPay has helped overturn 170,000 unlawful parking tickets in New York and the UK, resulting in the appeal of fines that total in excess of £3 million (nearly $4 million…

The Woes of Wearable Technology

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Wearable technology may be way the future, but as it currently stands, it has a long way to go. According to a techcrunch article, if someone were to hack into your wearable device, they would have a good chance of accessing all of the pins and passwords that you typed in while wearing the device….


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