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Wooden Robot Designed To Teach Basic Programming

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Primo toys created their new product, the Cubetto, to educate children on the basics of computer programming. The wooden control panel has colored blocks and a collection of maps that are designed to teach children logical patterns.   The children can place the blocks in certain patters to create sequences of pseudo computer programs. The…

Vietnam Needs More Programming Students

Posted by in Samsung Electronics Vietnam, Samsung Vietnam Mobile Phone R&D, Technology

Due to the lack of educational experience, students in Vietnam are lacking algorithmic skills that are required for high level computer programming positions. This is problematic, considering that Vietnam is a popular destination of IT job outsourcing. Students are educated in the IT field but the educational programs are lacking many core subjects. There is…

The Secret To PayPal’s Efficiency In Conducting Transactions Daily

Posted by in Java Virtual Machine, PayPal, Technology

PayPal has been a real revolution, in particular on the online business platform. The big question is: How did PayPal take a billion hits a day system that might traditionally run on a 100s of VMs and shrink it down to run on eight VMs? Many people have asked themselves how the transaction conglomerate business…

A World of Knowledge at Your Fingertips with Wessex

Posted by in Education, Technology

Wessex Institute of Technology eLibrary has a multitude of international knowledge available to those who want to expand their learning. Wessex offers 28,000 papers ranging in science and engineering online. They offer fast downloading in PDF format so you won’t have to worry about lost information. Wessex provides Open Access papers which are free to…

Firmware on Android Phones Send Information to China

Posted by in Android Phones, Hack, Technology, Web Security

There is an interesting article on The Hacker News website about how pre-installed firmware on roughly 700 million Android phones all over the world is sending user information to a server in China. Information including contact lists and locations is sent to China every 72 hours; this is something only discovered recently. The firmware was…

McFarland’s Tenure at Magnises

Posted by in Business Leaders, Technology

Billy McFarland was born in New York City and brought up in New Jersey. At the age of 13, McFarland established his first online outsourcing company that would match customers with designers. Later on, he enrolled at the University of Bucknell to pursue a degree in computer engineering. McFarland Career journey Towards the end of…

Programming the Internet of Things

Posted by in Internet of Things, Technology

Some technology analysts believe that the Internet of Things (IoT) will develop at an even faster pace than the World Wide Web did in the late 20th century. A major factor that supports this belief is that more people will have entry-level tools for coding and development purposes. The IoT paradigm is supported by three…

The NSA’s Woes Tell Present A Cautionary Tale

Posted by in NSA's computer systems, Technology

Not since the Cold War has the specter of espionage been raised so high when discussing the United States and Russia. Things are much different today than they were in prior generations. Espionage and intrigue takes the form of cyber-hacking. Recently, the NSA has been the victim of a hack. Malware has gotten into the…

FTC Overrules ALJ on 2009 LabMD Case

Posted by in LabMD, Technology, Tiversa

Offering poor security for its users was just one of a number of reasons that the business plan for LabMD was a failure. However, given the deep concern that most people have over having their private medical information potentially exposed to hackers, it was likely a key problem. That issue first developed in 2009 after…

What’s Next For Truck Drivers?

Posted by in Self-driving Cars, Technological Breakthroughs, Technology

As the advance of self-driving cars continues to progress, economists have turned their attention away from whether or not an automated economy is possible, and instead whether or not it should be. Specifically, economists are now focusing on how automation will affect long-haul truck driving. Currently, long-haul truck driving remains one of the best paying…

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