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Expansion of Mexican Media and Asserting Dominance the Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero Way

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     With the advancement of technology in the world, many experts had suggested that the traditional media such as TV, newspapers and Radio would be a thing of the past. However, traditional media still thrives but with some incorporation of digital avenues in their offering. That said, there are many media companies in Mexico that…

Arthur Becker, An Investor You Can Count On

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Arthur Becker is a talented guy who does not put himself in any one corner of an one industry. He has since been CEO’s of several companies, but the most important thing that Arthur Becker does is believe in other people’s ideas and invests in them to help them make their dreams come true. He…

White Shark Media: A Digital Marketing Agency Worth the Money

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Any business professional seeking success in today’s tech-savvy world understands all-to-well the importance of a great website with all the fixins; you know, the SEO, the exceptional curated content, the layout and navigation, and other crowd-pleasing attributes. The average individual is unable to construct such a brilliant website that outshines the competition, but with a…

Brown Agency – Helping Ordinary Individuals Groom As World-Class Models

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Want to Become a Model? These days, it not uncommon for young individuals to dream about becoming a model for fashion and media industries. Unlike other jobs, the only asset you need is a marketable personality. It means that potential models should have good looks and professional etiquette to present themselves to audience. Typically, modeling agencies hire scouts who are always looking for fresh faces in the crowd. Therefore, it is not uncommon for the agency to hire models by approaching people in the public place. If interested, reputable modeling agencies spend time and money in preparing such candidates for jobs in the industry. To sustain the business, these modeling firms take a specific cut from the paycheck of models. Usually, wannabe models make the mistake of putting on makeup when sending photos for a modeling job. However, modeling agencies want to look at the natural face when deciding who to call for the casting session. Therefore, it is important to look natural and be yourself without any excessive pose or costume. Remember that despite the trendy costumes and flaunting bodies of models seen by the audience, there is no space for makeup or glamor when it comes to hiring of potential models. If called by the agency, it is important to remain natural because agencies prefer normal attitude. Accordingly, they prefer candidates who are willing to relocate to other cities in search of their dream jobs. Overall, the more flexible the candidate, the easiest it is for the agency to hire them. Brown Agency Even if you haven’t thought about modeling, send your photos to Austin based Brown Agency, which welcomes inquiries from almost anyone willing to try the field. The Agency has deep contacts within the fashion, print and media industries. Already, it has placed hundreds of high-profile candidates with several of the world’s leading modeling firms. In fact, the owner of Brown Agency proudly claims that his agency has a track record of putting 20 to 30 percent of models with the prominent international modeling firms. Considering that a contract with a high-profile agency can mean thousands of dollars and bright future, these numbers are impressive in its own right.   The Brown Agency is currently working with 450 models who are contracted by various firms in fashion, theatrical and commercial industries. Due to the demand, the company is always looking for new talents. Beside finding work for its models, Brown Agency also help prepare and train models for their new roles. For justin Brown, the owner of the agency, it is all about preparing well groomed professional models who are ready for the outside world. Already, these models are gracing the runways for Austin Fashion Week, Dallas Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week and numerous other international events.


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