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The Impact of Yahoo’s Security Breach

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Yahoo recently announced that it had been hacked back in August 2013 and that the breach affected over 1 billion accounts. It has had two of the largest breaches in history, the second one having happened in 2014 and affecting about 500 million accounts. However, it assured its customers that no bank account information or…

Massive Yahoo Data Breach Interferes With Potential Merger

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The December 14 data breach of internet giant Yahoo has done more than simply compromise the online security of millions of users. The financial woes of Yahoo are legendary, but the company recently caught a break when telecommunications giant Verizon proposed a merger and acquisition deal.   Financial analysts have estimated that the Verizon acquisition…

Yahoo Attacked by Foreign Government

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Yahoo users were recently shocked to find out that their email accounts were hacked three years ago by a foreign government. In August of 2013, over a billion accounts were accessed in order to steal information about people. All of their phone numbers, email addresses, passwords, and security questions were put up for sale by…

Yahoo Finally Informs Their Users That They Were Hacked

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Yahoo is a website dedicated to providing a search engine, news feed, and email services free of charge to its users. It is used worldwide by billions of people who assume that their personal information is safe as they browse, click, and send letters off. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. The website…

Yahoo First to Implement Email Scans for US Intelligence

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Privacy and encryption have become major topics as more and more information has come to light regarding the United States’ extensive data collection operations. With the incidence of several whistleblowing efforts, web security has become an increasingly important topic within an increasingly digital world. To this end, Yahoo became one of the first companies to…

Yahoo! Moves To Secure Your Email

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The Yahoo! data breach that occurred in 2014 has only recently been made public, which is an issue. Millions of users would have liked to have known sooner that their emails, passwords and security questions had been compromised. Experienced email users understand that sometimes the best way to track security is to track your own…


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