Changing the Face of Donations with Andrew Rolfe

Jacob Lief has dedicated his life to raising funds to help the less privileged people in the society. However, he no longer accepts donations from charitable organizations as he says that their funds come with terms and conditions. At the end of the day, this money does not help people, and he even termed it as nonsense. Jacob Lief is known in the Port Elizabeth townships in South Africa for his involvement with Ubuntu Education Fund. With the Ubuntu Education Fund, Jacob Lief is the chief executive officer, and this is an organization that has dedicated its time and resources to helping vulnerable children in the area. He has focused on finding other ways of funding his organization other than depending on donors.


Jacob Lief says that he targets wealthy family foundations and high net worth individuals and says that these two can be very accommodating and understanding. The main aim of his organization is to offer these children healthy life, education and also stability. The organization uses what is called the Ubuntu Model to achieve its missions. Some of the strings that are associated with donors include specification of how the money must be used towards a particular program. Some donors even want to have a hand in the way the organization is run while others want to be consulted on issues related to management. In some cases, disagreements between the two parties can result in a legal battle. According to Andrew Rolfe, wealthy individuals are only interested in seeing their name being part of something whether a building or a scholarship and they are done. They don’t require you to reapply at the end of the year like many non-profits.


Andrew Rolfe of TowerBrook Capital Partners is proud to be associated with Ubuntu Education Fund. In fact, he serves as the chairman of this organization. Other than running the operations of the organization, Andrew Rolfe makes personal donations to help in the day to day activities of the firm. Andrew Rolfe says that the best way to avoid conflicts with involved parties it to have a discussion about the issue earlier on.


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