Cotemar – Highly Reliable Logistics and Support Services Provider in Oil and Energy Sector

Cotemar is a logistics and support services provider to the oil and gas rigs offshore. It is a hundred percent Mexican company that recruits over 8,000 employees and is known to be one of the best companies to work in Mexico. Petroleos Mexicanos is the biggest client of Cotemar to whom it has been providing its services for many years. Read more: Cotemar | LinkedIn

Cotemar is known to offer a broad range of services to the oil fields in the sea, such as transportation and logistics services, engineering and maintenance services, catering and accommodation services, specialized maritime vessels, and more.

Cotemar also helps during the emergencies and has towing vessels and firefighting vessels. The highly skilled employees of Cotemar in each department, whether it is logistics, maritime transportation, maintenance, construction, or engineering, ensures that the clients’ oil fields receive only the best and the most reliable services.

The maintenance and logistics services of Cotemar are beneficial in ensuring that the oil fields continue to do their job without any hindrance or worries. Any and all kinds of ancillary jobs are taken care of by Cotemar.

As the oil and gas drilling industry evolves and becomes more challenging and competitive with time, Cotemar continues to make the necessary changes in its processes to provide efficient and reliable services that makes a positive impact.

The company believes in the power of technology and integrates the modern technology available in the industry in each of its specialized services department. It has helped Cotemar to offer services that save time and make the services more reliable and economical.

Its primary client, PEMEX is highly satisfied with the services the company provides. PEMEX has been able to expand its operations and increase its efficiency and output with the help of ancillary services Cotemar provides. Learn more about Cotemar:

One of the reasons why Cotemar is a preferred choice for availing ancillary and logistics services in the oil and gas industry is because of the highly skilled employees it has. The company does not rely on third-party recruiting services for its staffing needs but has its in-house human resource department that continues to source talent in the industry.

Cotemar believes the future, as well as the performance of the company, lies with its employees. The company also has a thriving corporate social responsibility program that encourages the employees to engage in many different community welfare programs. It helps Cotemar to give back to the society and help it grow.

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