Different Companies Will Require Different Levels of Cybersecurity

According to Forbes, there are three kinds of cybersecurity needs of companies. The first is what Forbes calls the security unready. These companies are usually smaller companies, and they have not done any preparation for security threats. They have not installed any measures, they do not have any security professionals on their team, and they generally have the attitude that it can not happen to them, perhaps because they think they are too small. However, security attacks do happen to random companies, no matter their size. Because these companies usually do not have a large budget, the way to fit their cybersecurity needs usually is by giving them tools and cybersecurity software that does not require a lot of hands on work. Tools that are automated are usually a good fit for these companies.

The next class of companies is what Forbes calls the security mature. These companies are often companies that store customer data, including banks, government offices, and technology companies. These companies have usually put in a lot of money to make sure that they have secured their networks. However, because they are at such a high risk, it often is not enough. In addition, many simply do not know how to install security measures the right way. They may not be spending enough money on certain aspects of cybersecurity.

Then there are ordinary people who need security protection. One way to provide them with this is by providing them with cybersecurity insurance. Unfortunately, many insurance agencies are unaware of how to price their insurance, and what it should cover. It is also imperative that people all over the world work on ways to prevent hackers from accessing other people’s personal information, and there needs to be education on how people can stay protected while surfing the web.

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