Don Ressler: Creating The Online Retail Empire


The Early Days Of E Commerce

Don Ressler started his first e commerce business during the early days of the Internet. Around the turn of the century many companies entered the market trying to create the foundation of e commerce. Working with Intermix Ressler emerged victorious with and other websites with similar themes. The startups he sold were so successful he eventually generated billions of dollars. Intermix is also where he met his future business partner Adam Goldenberg.



The Success Story Of JustFab

With the help of Adam Goldenberg, Ressler created JustFab. Conceived as an online retailer focusing on fashion JustFab gave its customers a personalized shopping experience. After paying a subscription fee, JustFab customers are treated to customized shopping selections meant just for them and savings otherwise unavailable. The website was a smashing success and continues to thrive today with millions of fans shopping every month for their favorite clothes. The success of JustFab allowed Ressler to expand his empire and prove the subscription model is profitable in e commerce. He took this model and ran with it to create a similar but more narrowly focused retailer.



Continuing The Pattern

The idea behind Fabletics was similar to JustFab, but it differed in the more precise audience it targeted. Don Ressler made the point in an interview with Brandette that Fabletics offers customers who subscribe customized athletic wear personalized to each body type. The selections are based on a survey given to subscribers in order to determine their body type and the level of physical activity they prefer. This information allows Fabletics to give customers something that fits them just right. Fabletics has generated even greater success than JustFab and it is now leaking into the real world with actual brick and mortar stores.



Where His Empire Stands Today

Currently, Ressler is focused on expanding his empire into the real world with brick and mortar stores for Fabletics. He has already dominated online retail so the physical realm is his next frontier. Translating the Fabletics model into the real world was challenging, but Don Ressler is known for taking any challenge and winning.  Read more about what Don has done, and what Don has planned on his page.

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